Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My Summer Skincare Essentials

Hello everybody, today's post is going to be my summer skincare essentials, these are a few products i have been loving using in this hot weather in England and when i was on holiday.

Lush Eau Roma water toner water 
I love using in the evening and morning, if freshens my skin and makes my face feel a little cooler, i spray a few pumps onto my face and let in sink in, my skin feels so lovely and i feel a little cooler. This is my favorite toner and i really love using it.

Garnier moisture match moistuiser for normal skin 
This is a great moistuiser for summer as it has SPF 20 and it is very light on the skin. Its not heavy and doesn't feel like to much. Its smells lovely but it is fragranced, so if you have very sensitive skin this wont be any good for you, the first time i used this is used quite a bit and i rubbed it on my eyes, about 20mins later my eyes stared to sting like crazy and that is the only let down to this product.

Nivea soft refreshingly soft moisturising cream
I have talked about this product so many times on my blog and by now you guys should now how much i love it. On holiday i used i every night on my feet as my feet were very dried out from walking in the sand and been in the hot weather, when i put this on my feet i put it on like a mask and then put some socks on and let in soak in and in the morning my feet look and feel so much better.

Olay gentle cleanser conditioning milk  
This is a great cleanser to use in the morning as it is very light and great at cleaning the skin. This is really good as any one can use what ever your skin type is, its fragrance free and is one of my favorite cleanser.

Carmex lip balm
Iv been loving using this in the summer as it has SPF 15 so my lips wont get burnt, this is very moisturising and it smells amazing just like strawberry laces.

What products have you been loving lately ??



  1. I really want to try some more lush products!

    1. You should they are really good, especially the skincare xx