Friday, 19 July 2013

Beauty Haul - Lush, superdrug and more.

Hello everyone, so i have been shopping a bit recently because i fancied trying a few new products and i also needed to repurchase some things, so lets get started.

Lush 9 to 5 cleansing lotion - £9.25
I got the small bottle of this for my birthday just so i could try it out to see if i would like it and lets just say i ended up loving it. There is only a little bit left in my small bottle so of course i had to purchase the big bottle. I don't know if any one else thinks this but almost £10 for a cleanser is a bit ridiculous i would never normally spend over £3 on a cleanser so you can tell i really do love this product. If you would like to know a little more about this product i have done a review here.

Batiste, bodycare - £1.49
I had ran out of dry shampoo and i needed a new bottle, so i brought one (that's all im going to say)

Olay essentials conditioning cleansing milk, superdrug - £1.49 (on offer)
I got sent a bottle of this from a website and i ended up really loving it, there is only a tiny bit left in the bottle so i brought a new on. This is a great cleanser to use in the morning to refreshen and clean your face it dose a brilliant job and its only cheap so i thought i would buy one.

Nivea soft refreshingly moisturising cream, bodycare- £1.49
This is my favorite moisturising product and i have almost ran out of my bottle so when i saw that it was a bit cheaper in body care than any were else i thought i would pick it up and its such an essential. I use this on my face, my feet, my knees and my elbows and just any dry spots on my body, this is a great product.

Nivea rich regenerating night cream, superdrug - on offer for around £2
As i love the day cream version of this i thought i would try the night cream out. The first time i used this product it was a very hot night and my face just felt so greasy, this is definitely a night cream for winter not summer. I don't own a eye cream and my eyes were feeling rather dry one night so i thought i would try a bit of this on them and my eyes just felt so lovely and moistuised and not greasy at all so i have been using this as a night time eye cream.

Garnier pure self-heating sauna mask, bodycare - 99p
I really love face masks and as these packet ones are only cheap im surprised i don't own hundreds. When i saw this one i really liked the idea that it was heating (not good to wear in this hot weather though) so i brought it, and you actually get two masks its one as it has to sections, so you get even more for your money.

Collection work the colour eyeshadow pencil in hot chocolate, superdrug - £2.50 (offer)
When i saw these on the stand i was very intrigued as they look very much like the NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils so i thought i would pick one up and give it ago. I have used it the last few days in the outer park of my water line and smudged in to my bottom lash line, and it is actually very nice its very creamy and very pigmented i really like this and im definitely going to pick up a few more.

River island silver necklace £3 (sale)
I was walking past river island and i saw that they were having a sale so i decided to go in and have a look, i was looking at the jewelry and i saw this necklace and i thought it was really nice and for £3 i couldn't leave it there, i don't own a silver statement necklace so when i saw this one i had to have it.

What have you brought recently ??



  1. That necklace is loovely :) I really love Batiste I recently purchased a HUGE bottle of the stuff because I use it all the time and I was getting fed up running out all the time haha!

  2. you got some lovely bits!
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    Olivia xxxx

  3. I saw that necklace in river island and I really liked it! And I have Nivea's night cream, I just love the consistency and it feels really nice on the skin.

    Kathryn x