Thursday, 8 August 2013

Collective Beauty Haul - Superdrug, Boots and China Glaze

Hello everyone, today's post is going to be a collective post of some makeup and some other things i have brought lately, i hope you enjoy. I have taken these pictures in a different set up because im getting a bit bored of my old one, i don't really have many places to take pictures with really good lightening but this one is okay, tell me what you think of the new set up.

E.L.F eyelid primer in sheer, eBay £2.89
Lots of people have been saying how good this primer is, so i thought i would pick it up and give it a go, its meant to be like the urban decay primer potion and i do agree with that, i have the UDPP and it wasn't working that well for me so i wanted to try a new one, but this elf one is more or less the same. I brought it from ebay simply because i didn't want to pay for delivery on the elf website.

Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeshadow paint in Rich Russet, superdrug £3.99 (offer)
Again lots of people have been talking about these and saying how good and long lasting they are so of course i had to pick one up, i have used it a few times and it is lovely. I am actually going to do a review on this and the next product so im not going to say to much.

Rimmel Scandaleyes retro glam mascara, superdrug £4.99 (offer)
I brought this because i wanted to try a new mascara so i picked this one up mainly because it was on offer, i have used it a few times and it is very nice, i would say it is more of a volumising than lengthening, as i said i am going to do a review of this so that's all im going to say.

Collection Lasting perfection concealer, superdrug £3.99 (offer)
I have used this once before but i brought it in the wrong shade so i haven't really been able to use it, so as i had a little more money this month i thought i would pick it up and give it another go. And im safe to say it really is as brilliant as people say, it covers up my spots and any redness i have, im glad i brought it.

Bourjois colour boost lipstick in peach on the beach, boots £7.99
People have been raving on about these saying how brilliant they are, so i thought i would pick it up and give it a go. I have used it a few times and i really like it, the colour is a lovely peach colour and looks great on my skin tone, its very pigmented and goes on like a dream. It says it lasts 10 hours but that's not true at all. I love this product but i £7.99 is a lot for it.

Collection Work the colour eyeshadow pencil in Vanilla Sky, Wilkinson's £2.50 (offer)
I am actually obsessed with eyeshadow pencil at the moment and these collection one are what stared it all off. I have actually done a review on these here. These are so soft and very pigmented if you haven't tried these i recommend that you do.

Batiste dry conditioner smoothing conditioning mist, boots £2.99 (offer)
I love batiste dry shampoo so when i saw they had came out with a dry conditioner i had to give it a go, i have used it once and it made my hair nice and soft buts that's about it, it wasn't overwhelming like an amazing product i thought it was just okay, i expected it to add shine to my hair but it didn't, kind of a disappointment.

L'Oreal skin perfection 3 in 1 purifying micealler solution, superdrug £2.48 (offer) 
People always say that this is really good and i have wanted to try it for a while, so when i saw it on offer i had to pick it up, i have used it a few times and its alright, i think its great that you can use on your face and eyes and it doesn't irritate them, its very soft and takes makeup off well, but i will still use a cleanser after, its not amazing if im honest i think i prefer cream products, but i will still use it as i think its a nice product.

China glaze nail lacquer in Awakening, Sallys around £2-3 on sale
This is a lovely purple duocrome colour with gold shimmer in it, its quite sheer so its best over another nail polish. I got this for a right bargain and im glad i picked it up.

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  1. Great post! That concealer is my all time favourite. Sad that the dry shampoo doesn't seem too great cos I've been quite excited to see what it's like!
    Lydia Rose

    1. Thank u and it might just b me as my hair is in kind of good condition, if yours isnt so much it might b worth ago xx

  2. Hi,

    found you via twitter - #bbloggers

    glad i did!
    new follower!

    come and check out mine if you'd like to :)

  3. Great haul - you got so many things I've been wanting to try! Thanks for being honest - seeing as you've been underwhelmed by the batiste and loreal micellaire water I just might skip them :) xx

    1. Thank u and the batiste and micellaire water might just b me i think there worth a try xx