Monday, 19 August 2013

Tag: How much is my face worth (updated)

So a while ago i did one of these posts, but that was before i wore as much makeup as i do now, so i thought i would do another one. I would just like to point out that most of the time i do change up what i use so i don't technically use every single one of these products every day but they are some of my favorite products that i enjoy using.

Revlon nearly naked foundation £8.99
This is my all time favorite foundation, the coverage is only light but you can build it up and it wont go cakey. The colour is perfect for me and i love the look it gives my face. For £8.99 i defiantly recommend it.

Collection lasting perfection concealer £4.99
I have only recently brought this but i can tell that i will be using this for a while and it will be in my everyday makeup routine for a while. It covers up every think i want it to and for £4.99 it is a bargain.

Natural collection face powder £1.99
This powder is okay, its not the best but it works, when i finish it i think i will buy the rimmel one as people always go on about how good it is. But for £1.99 this is pretty good.

NARS orgasam blusher £21.50
I really love this blusher its a lovely pinky peachy colour with gold shimmer in it, the pigmentation is perfect its not to pigmented and its not to sheer its just perfect. Its perfect for a wash of colour and great because you don't have to use a highlight as well. I do also use bronzer but only sometimes.

Urban decay basics pallet £20
I then use the dark brown colour in this pallet to fill in my eyebrows, so make them darker and more defined, i also use this pallet for my eye shadow, but most of the time i use different eye shadow everyday, but this is one of my favorite pallets so i thought i would mention it.

ELF eyelid primer £1.50
I use my elf eyelid primer, which is actually very good, to prime my lids for whatever eye shadow i am going to use.

Collection work the colour eyeshadow pencil £3.19
This product is amazing it is so pigmented and very creamy, its very long lasting and is one great product. I use this on the first half of my waterline and lower lash line. I have actually done a review on these here.

Rimmel scandaleyes mascara £6.99
This is a new product i have been using recently, and its actually really good, there isn't much difference between this one and the original though. But its really good and i should be reviewing this soon.

Now not till now have i released that i didn't take a picture of any lip products, obviously i do change my lip colour every day, but a product i have really been liking recently is the boujois colour boost lip crayon in peach on the beach £7.99

So all together my face is worth the grand total of £77.14p
Which actually isn't that bad, now im sure just like you i do change my products up every time i do my makeup, but these are just some of my favorite products that i thought i would mention.


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