Sunday, 4 August 2013

How i Take Care of my Nails at Home

Today im going to show you how i take care of my nails at home. Some of you may now that i have done a beauty therapy level 2 course at college, so i now how to and the importance of taking care of your nails. When i was at college i was having manicures and pedicures every week for more or less a whole year, so i would say my hands and feet are in very good condition. But we all have cuticles and we all want to get rid of them so every week i give my self a mini manicure to take care of those nasty cuticles.
First of all i make sure all my nail polish is off and my nails are nice and clean, then i take some nail clippers and cut my nails down to the length i want and also to get rid of any broken of brittle nail. Then i use the Models own Shapeit Buffit nail file/buffer and shape and buff my nails to make them look nice, shiny and healthy. Next i take my Marks and Spencer nail treatment oil, i put some of this all over my nails and then rub it in to make sure my nails are nice and hydrated, i also use it to stop any braking, splitting or brittle nails. Then i take some more of the oil and concentrate it on my cuticles and let it sink in for a few minutes, then i take my hoof stick (the white plastic stick in picture) and use that to push my cuticles back to get them out of the way when it comes to painting my nails. I do have a tool called cuticle nippers but i don't really use them as they are quite hard to use on myself, all they do is a the name describes nips away and cuticle. After i use the hoof stick i make sure there is no oil on my nails and take it off my washing my nails. Then i use the Rimmel London 5 in 1 nail treat and just use this as a clear coat on my nails. After i have done that i usually lave my nails for a few day before i paint them with a colour. I use the cuticle stick/ orange wood stick through the week just to clean the underneath of my nails (lovely)



  1. I found this really interesting, I couldn't for the life of me remember what the white stick was called when I went to buy some, now I know ha xx


    1. Glad u liked the post and haha glad to help :)x