Sunday, 9 March 2014

Weekly update #3


Monday - college, at the start of the day i had a planning lesson for some group work we have to do, which was kind of boring. Then this man came in bit later and told us about how to apply for student finance, which was helpful to me as i need to do that for when i apply to beauty therapy level 4 and 5, and then we were on the computers for like 3 hours doing our assignments and other work we had to finish. In my practical lesson later on, i did an formative assessment in aromatherapy massage.
Tuesday - I was at home and didn't really do anything, just watched a bit of telly and wrote a blog post.
Wednesday - I'm meant to have two lessons on a Wednesday but one of my teachers couldn't come in so i just had my function skill English lesson for 2 hours then went home. when i got home all i did was write a blog post.
Thursday - I was at home and all i did was go food shopping with my dad and i think i wrote a blog post but i cant remember lol.
Friday - College, i had two practical lessons facial electricals were i practiced facial galvanic, and then body electricals were i was just been a client for one of my friends, i had faradic and galvanic.
Saturday - I went shopping with my mom and brought one of my birthday presents and a play-suit for when i go on holiday, and i brought some makeup from MUA and three nail polish's from sinful colors which i got in the 3 for 2 offer in boots.

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