Sunday, 2 March 2014

January and February Favorites // Makeup - Skincare

Hello everyone, so today i am doing a favorites post these are a few products that i have been using for both January and February and have been loving very much.


Maybelline BROW drama sculpting mascara in dark brown
I brought this at clothes show live for £5 last year, i had wanted to try it for a while so i thought i would pick it up, and lets just say im glad i did. The brush is a bit weird and kind of big so this would be best for people with thick brows. This is great to use when you are in a rush in the morning and don't have time to take forever filling them in with a powder or a pencil. The colour is really good for me not orangey at all and it sets my brows in place all day.

Benefit high beam
I brought this quite a while ago and have been using it of and on since and using it in different ways, but i have recently found a way to wear it that i really like. I use it after foundation and concealer but before powder as it is a liquid product, i put a bit on the back of my hand and then take a brush and dab it on to my cheek bones, it makes me look really glowy and is very natural, when i have finished putting on my powder products i take what ever is left on the brush and dab a bit more on top of my blush.

Rimmel accelerator endless mascara 
Again a product i got at clothes show, it was in a set for £5 which is a bargain as this is more than £5 by itself. People have said that its meant to have fibers in it but i haven't noticed them, but this dose make my lashes look realllly long and full, its really easy to apply and the product makes your lashes look lovely.

Bourjois colour burst lip crayon in peach on the beach
This is a great product to use on those days when you are just wearing a bit of makeup but still want a pop of colour on your face, its really long lasting and actually stains the lips, its very glossy and moisturising and the colour looks lovely on the lips.


Clinique all about eyes rich
I got given two samples of this from my aunt as she didn't want them and i ended up loving it a lot. Its very moistursing and i really like using it at night time, i use it before my moisturiser so it can really do its job by the eye area and doesn't have any night cream in the way. I really like this and i might be putting the full size on my birthday list depending on the price.

Lush charity pot hand and body lotion
My mom brought me this little pot for Christmas and i must say it is a lovely product. Its not greasy and moisturises you so well, i have only used it as a hand cream but i will try it after i have shaved my legs and if it doesn't sting my legs then the big size is going on my birthday list. When your in lush you should pick one of these up its only £1 and its a lovely product.

The body shop camomile sumptuous cleansing butter
Another product i got for Christmas, i asked for this as people are always going on about cleansing butters so i thought i would ask for a tub of this, its a hard product but once you take some out and warm it up in between your fingers, its turns in to a cream product, i put is straight onto a makeup full face and massage it in, its great as it lifts all the makeup and dirt of the skin ready to be washed away, once i have massaged it in i take a dampened cotton pad and wipe it of i don't use it to take my eye makeup of but i do go over my eyes to make sure everything of, i then wash my face in the shower to make sure everything it off. Its a bit oily but is doesn't leave a residue on the skin.

Therapeutics spot serum
This is just a small sample size that i got when i brought a face wash and sponge at clothes show last year. But as you only need a tiny bit im sure it will last a while. It smells minty and the skin tingles a little when you put it on so it feels like its actually doing something and its really nice, i wont buy the full size as its not overwhelmingly good but i do like it.

Clinique dramatically different moistusing lotion +
I got this sample for Christmas in a set and i ended loving it, its very light but very moisturising and is great under makeup. It smells a bit weird but i can get over that, i really love this and again depending on the price this might be going on my birthday list.



  1. I've been wanting to try the high beam for ages! It's a pity the clinique moisturiser smells funny, I'm looking for a new cream!

    Corinne x

    1. Its still nice though the smell isnt very strong x

  2. I was wondering whether to buy the Clinique DDML+. I used the original one years ago, but the new one looks and sounds really good too.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick