Wednesday, 5 March 2014

What is Galvanic // Beauty Treatments

So this is another post to go along with the beauty therapy series i am currently doing. This series is all about beauty treatments you can have in a salon or a SPA, that either people don't know about or people don't know what it actually does or the benefits of it are.

So today's treatment i am going to talk about is Galvanic
The picture below shows you were you can have the treatment done, and what it looks likes when you have the treatment done on your face and body
All pictures are taken from Google.

Galvanic is a treatment which is used for breaking down and helping cellulite disappear, this is done by softening the area.

Cellulite is thought to be fat cells trapped in the matrix (structure that holds skin cells together, located in the bottom layer of skin). Cellulite is cool to the touch due to trapped toxins, fluid and poor circulation.

You can have galvanic on your Body and face


Improves lymphatic circulation
Improves blood circulation
Helps soften hard scar tissue (scars)
Aids dispersal of cellulite

A low direct current passes through to the skin tissues, the current goes through electrically conductive pads which are places into dampened sponges which are covered in anti cellulite gel, the current then pushes the gels into the skin which mobilises the fat cells and releases trapped fluids.

You have two pads, one on the problem area which is the active pad and one on the opposite side which is not active.

You can feel a tingling sensation a bit like pins and needles, this is the treatment doing its job.

Your therapist will cleanse and exfoliate the skin to bring blood to the surface and to make sure there is nothing on the top layer of skin.

Firming gel should be applied at home to help along with the treatment.


You may be thinking 'but i don't get cellulite on my face' well you are right you don't but the facial galvanic is used to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, scaring and removes impurities.

As you can see from the pictures above facial galvanic is very different to body as you don't use pads you use metal electrodes, which are rolled over the face, neck and decolletage. Electro lotion and galvanic gels (Different gels chosen depending on your skin type)are placed onto the skin instead of onto pads, The client holds an unactive electrode and then the therapist moves the active electrodes over the skin, you will taste a metal taste that is when you know the treatment is working.

The treatment is performed like a regular facial, so you will also have a cleanse, exfoliate, massage and mask depending on your skin type, if you have dry or sensitive skin then you can but if you have oily skin then you don't have the massage and mask as the treatment leaves a antibacterial layer on the skin which helps reduce spots and oiliness.

If you type into Google galvanic treatments then loads of pictures will come up with the results of the treatment and you will see how amazing this actually is once you have had a course of the treatment.

I think i have covered everything but if you do have any questions fell free to ask.

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