Sunday, 7 April 2013

Products i Have Used up #6

Hello everyone hope you are having a great half term. Today's post is my products i have used up, hope you enjoy. Also sorry i haven't posted all week i was ill :( and have also been at family gatherings, so sorry about that but im back now :)x

AVON Nail experts liquid freeze
My mom actually brought this from AVON but she wasn't using it so she gave it to me, which was really nice of her. This is actually really good i find it dose actually "freeze" your nail polish. When you spray it, it dose go all over your hands which is a bit annoying, especially because its a little bit greasy which is a bit strange, but it dose dry after a while. I would say my nails are touch dry within about 5 mins but you still have to be careful as you can still smudge them.
I don't think i will repurchase this as i don't think it is worth the £6 price tag and also i think i have found something that is a lot better.

Herbal Essences beautiful ends split ends protection cream
I have actually done a review on this so if you want to see that click here.
This is really good, i brought it on a whim because it was on offer for really cheap, and i have ended up really liking this product. I find that over time using this product it has actually helped my split ends, i have a lot less split ends than i used to and i definitely think that it has something to do with this product.
I love this product and im really glad i brought it, i have already repurchased another bottle of this.

Simply pure Gentle eye makeup remover 
I have done a mini review on this and some other products from this range, if you would like to see the review click here.
If i am remembering correctly i believe that this wasn't that good, i had to rub at my eyes a lot to get my makeup all off. This has no scent which is good and its for sensitive skin. Its been a while since i have used this so i don't really remember much about it so sorry about it. I wont be repurchasing this product as i have been converted to cream eye makeup remover, i find they do the job a lot better and they are a lot softer on your eyes.

Protect hand gel, ASDA hand sanitiser
I was in ASDA and i really needed a hand sanitiser and this is the only one it could find so i just brought it. This was alright it did the job, it wasn't any think special. Again it has been a while since i was using it so i don't really remember much about this product (sorry).
I don't think i will repurchase this as i prefer the carex hand sanitisers.

Umberto Gannini Glam hair Rock "n" Roll Extreme hair spray
My cousin brought me a Umberto Gannini set for Christmas, it came with this, back comb in a bottle and an eyeliner.
This was alright it kept my hair in place but did make my hair a little crispy which i didn't really like, i wasn't to keen on the smell either it was very hair sprayey (duh). I don't really have much to say abut this as its just a hair spray and it has also been a while since i was using it lol, i wont be buying the big size of this.

Palmers cocoa butter Daily Calming facial lotion
I absolutely LOVE this stuff, this such a great moisturiser to use at night and in the day. It moisturises so well, it actually saved my skin this winter. I got two of these little samples in a goody bag from clothes show live in December and im glad i did as i never would of picked it up if i saw it in superdrug. I think it retails for £5-6 which i think is quite a lot for a moisturiser in the drugstore but i don't care i will still buy it. I didn't realise until i was editing the pictures that on the bottle it says "reduces redness and irritation, calms stressed skin" i think this is a bonus as i get quite red skin. I love this stuff and i would recommend it to you if you get dry skin.
I am deferentially going to but the bit bottle of this.

Have you tried any of these products ?

Thank you so much for reading 



  1. That nail freeze dry product from Avon seems so unique, I've never heard of anything like it before! Great items(:


    1. It is pretty unique yh, there is better nail polish drying sprays though and thanks :)xx

  2. I didn't like the Superdrug Eye Makeup Remover either, for a gentle product I found it really stung my eyes :(

    Jesss xo

    1. it stung your eyes :O, it never did that to me xx

  3. I've always wanted to try the Palmers cocoa butter but the shops are always sold out! hopefully with being in England I can finally buy it! Great post, I'm following and would love it if you can maybe check out mines please

    1. All of the palmers products are amazing, they should b more ready available here and thank u and yh sure i can xx