Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Whats in my Holiday Skin and Hair Care Bag.

Hello all, today i will be carrying on with the posts from my holiday, today i will be showing you all of the hair care and skin care that i brought with me.

Hair care

VO5 gloss me smoothly shampoo and conditioner (in bottles with pink tops)
If you read my hair care post you will know that the actual bottles for this shampoo and conditioner are massive to i brought these travel bottles from primark to put into, so they would be easier to travel with.
Onto the actual product, this shampoo are amazing they make my hair feel so clean and really conditioned. if you havnt tried any VO5 shampoo and conditioners you really need to they are lovely. If you want to see more info on these click here for my hair care routine.
TRESemme touchable finish hair spray
A few weeks ago i asked you guys on twitter what your favorite hair spray was, and a lot of you said this TRESemme one and the LOreal one. So i thought i would try and kill one bird with two stones, i thought i would buy the small bottle, as it is travel friendly and just so i could try it out to see if i like it, and yh i like it, but i think i will try the LOreal out before buying the big size of this.
VO5 miracle concentrate argan oil
This is such a great product, it smells amazing, makes my hair feel amazing and i really enjoy using it. I thought it would be good to take on holiday as it is only small. That's all im going to write about this, is you want to know more i featured it in my hair care routine
Schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel heat defense
This is a great heat defense its protects you hair up to the heat of 220 degrees and it smells lovely. this is my favorite heat protection along with the tresemme one as it has a cool spray pump on it haha.

Face and body care

Nivea rich moisturising day cream
This stuff is amazing it actually saved my skin this winter. It is so moisturising and lovely, its pretty thick for a day cream but that's fine with me, as it makes my skin look fresh and moisturised. the one i have is for dry and sensitive skin but i believe they also do one for more oily skin to, so whatever your skin type i highly recommend this to you.
Nivea soft moisturising cream
Another amazing moisturiser from nivea. I use this as my night cream and i use it on my body as you can use it on your face, hands and body which i think is very good. It is slightly perfumed but nothing to over the top. My skin feels lovely in the morning very soft and supple. This is a great all rounder product, if you haven't yet tried it you have to.... now.
Skinetica spot treatment
I brought this with me just in case if i had any random breakouts. This is alright, i haven't really noticed any difference to my spots using this, but i just brought it just in case of an emergency spot.
Levera cleansing milk
I bought this because it is a 2 in 1 product it is a cleanser and an eye makeup remover, i thought it would save room in my luggage.I love this stuff it makes my skin look and feel very clean and it is great for getting eye makeup off.
Lush eau roma water toner water
This is the only toner i own and i love it, its so fresh and cool to use on the skin, it gets any excess makeup off and any unwanted cleanser that maybe left on the skin. Its just under £4 which isn't to bad, when this runs out i will definitely be buying it again.
First aid beauty body moisturiser  
I brought this because it is small and i wanted to start using it, but i just hate the smell and it really puts me of using it, and it dosent help that i brought a new moisturiser when i was there so i was using the new one and not this one.

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  1. The Eau Roma toner is amazing! I can imagine it being great for on holiday especially, nice post :)

  2. These products look really good to try out :) i wish i picked up the VO5 treatment when i had the chance as i seem to seeing every blogger having this in their hair care :)
    plus i'm jelous your on holiday :( i miss the sun lol

    1. Hehe and i didnt go any were that sunny it was just down south of England xx