Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fashion and Beauty Haul / Superdrug, Primark and more

Rimmel i <3 Lasting Finish Nail Polish in 405 Loafer Love for You, Superdrug £1.99 (offer)
I really wanted a new nail polish so when i saw the Rimmel ones on offer i thought i would have a look, this colour caught my eye i don't have one like it and i think its really lovely. Its very pigmented and goes on the nails like a dream

MUA Colour Blast eye Shadow Tint in Tint-A Girl Like Me, Superdrug £3
I am really loving these eyes shadow pencils recently, so when i saw MUA had brought some out of course i had to check them out. All the colours are very lovely and it took me a while to choose one, but in the end i picked up this one. Its a lovely goldy bronzy colour, its not the most pigmented or creamy but its still really lovely, i think the darker colours maybe better.

Rimmel Wake Me up Instant Radiance Shimmer touch in 002 Radiant Rose, poundland £1
When i saw this in poundland i was shocked and i was like this is mine and i ran away (slight over exaggeration) i did look to see if there was any more but this was the last one left so i snapped it up. I have used it a few times and i really like it, its a lovely dusky pink colour with a lot of shimmer in it. It looks really lovely on the cheeks and for £1 it was definitely worth it.

MUA One direction Kiss you Lipstick in Rock Me, Superdrug £3 
Lots of people have been saying how good these are so i thought i would pick one up and give it ago. I have used it a lot and i really love it, its a lovely pinky purply colour, that is kind of matte but has very fine shimmer in it, it also lasts a long time on the lips. I would definitely recommend these to you guys.

Quick fix facials Calming clay Mask for red and Sensitive skin, Boots around £3 on offer
When i saw these face masks in boots i was very intrigued i had never seen them before nor have i seen anyone talk about them online. So i thought i would pick one up and give it ago. I have used it once and it was okay i didn't see a massive difference in my skin but it did make it feel nice and soft. You don't need much just a thin layer because other wise it will make your face feel a bit tingly. These are lovely and i recommend you give them ago.

Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in pink gold, eBay £3.84
I saw some one make a blog post on bargain beauty buys from eBay and this was one so i thought i would order it. I actually don't own a colour tattoo so when i saw this was slightly cheaper than boots and superdrug i thought i would try it and i must say it is very nice, its very creamy and lasts along time. I really like this and i want to try some others

River Island molly jeggings £35
I had to fold them in half so i could get them in shot obviously they are full length. I love these jeans they are so comfy and very soft, i also like that they are mid rise so they flatten out my stomach a little. I already have a pair in black and i really wanted a light blue colour. 

Black quilted top with a silver chain on the pocket, Primark £6
When i saw this i new i had to have as it was so lovely its very soft and it will be nice and warm for winter, it was only £6 and i think that is a steal for such a lovely top.
I also brought another top from primark but i deleted the picture :( it is a lovely raglan top with floral sleeves and a dark gray body for only £4.
I also got a pack of black socks for £2.50, some of those frilly socks that everyone has been buying and a pack of above the knuckle rings for £1.50.



  1. Rimmel nail polish looks such a gorgeous blue. I'd love to see you swatch it. x

    1. It is lovely and i have a swatch in one of my next posts x