Saturday, 21 September 2013

Rimmel Nail Polish Collection

Hello everyone so in today's post i am going to be sharing my Rimmel nail polish collection with you. My nail polish collection is rather big so i have decided to do a few of these posts to show you all of my nail polishes.

60 Seconds (L-R)

Princess pink- Princess pink is a very light baby pink colour with no shimmer in it, its very sheer so it needs about 3-4 coats. It looks very natural and would be good if you go to school and your not aloud to wear any polish as you can barley tell your wearing it. It would also be very nice to use when doing a french manicure.

Twinkle- Twinkle is a lovely very light lilac colour with silver shimmer and glitter in it, to get a nice opaque colour it needs about 2 coats. As it has glitter in it, it lasts a long on the nails but it is a night mare to get off. This is actually my second bottle of this and i have never brought a nail polish twice so you can tell i like it.

Instyle Coral- Instyle coral is a very true orange coral colour that has no shimmer in it, it is very opaque you only need about two coats to get a lovely finish.

Style Hunter- Style hunter is a very different colour i have never seen any think else like it, its kind of a dark beige brown colour with purple shimmer in it. I don't wear it to often but i do think it is a really nice autumn colour.

I <3 Lasting finish (L-R)

London Clouds- London clouds is a true white colour, it has no shimmer and for a white its actually quite pigmented you only need about 2-3 coats to get a nice opaque colour.

Loafer Love For You- This is a lovely cobalt blue colour with no shimmer in it, it is very pigmented you only need about 2 coats, this is one of my newest polishes and i really like it i have no other colours like it.

Wine Not- Wine not is a lovely raspberry redy pink colour with no shimmer,and again it only needs about 2-3 coats to make it nice and opaque. It is a perfect colour for autumn winter, i do love the colour but it just makes my hands look sooooo pale so i don't wear it often.

Double Espresso- I actually got this one from pound land so that was a bargain, this is a brown colour with shimmer in it and it also has some kind of purple undertone to it which is kind of odd but it actually looks okay, i dont wear this one to much as im not really that much of a fan of it.

Lycra Pro and Effects (L-F)

Oyster Pink- Oyster pink is a really lovely light pink colour with shimmer in it, its very sheer you need about 4 maybe 5 coats to make it opaque. This would be really nice for school or maybe for a french manicure.

Night Flight-  Even though this looks almost black in the pictures its actually a very dark purple colour. I don't actually like this colour but its okay. I actually really like the brush on these Lycra pro ones because they are so big, also i think the Lycra pro range might not be sold any more but im not sure.

Precious stone, Ruby Crush- This is the perfect Christmas polish. It has big silver bits of glitter and smaller bits of red glitter, for a glitter polish its actually very opaque it says on the bottle it is a high coverage glitter nail polish and it definitely is, the swatch is only two coats. I'm not sure if they sell these any more but i don't know.

Metal Rush, Pearly Queen- This is a beautiful purple colour with green duo chrome through it. This is very sheer so i like to put a polish under neath it. But i would say this is one of my favorite nail polishes.

Top coats

Lycra Pro Matte finish top coat- I brought this ages ago and i actually haven't used it on my nails, but i have used it on a nail wheel so i can tell you that this dose work and it is very good, and as matte nails are in this autumn winter i might start using it.

5 in 1 Nail treat, Base and top coat Total care Action- I use this every time i paint my nails and it is very good, really just a basic base and top coat.



  1. Love the look of Wine Not, Style Hunter and Ruby Crush...So pretty x

  2. Love the look of style hunter and loafer love for you!

    Ria x

  3. Oh my gosh I love so many of these! Princess Pink, Style Hunter, London Clouds... I honestly love them all! You have a great collection :-) x