Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Collection Cosmetics Review

Hello everyone so this is another post reviewing some products from cheap drugstore brands, today i am reviewing the very well known Collection, there products are very cheap i don't think there is any think over £10 (i maybe wrong).

Eye Pencil products 

Work the Colour Eye Shadow pencils (review)
These are pretty new to the brand and i must say they are very good, very creamy and very bendable. They are water proof so the stay in the waterline all day. They can be a little patchy if you put them all over the lid but once u you have put a few layers on and you have an eye shadow over the top they are lovely. I have reviewed these if you would like to know more.

Intense colour super soft kohl 
I used to use this all of the time, but then i found gel liner and then i found the brown work the colour eye shadow pencil. But this is very creamy and very pigmented, it goes on very smoothly but it does smudge if you put it in the water line. This very lovely and if you are looking for a good eyeliner i 100% recommend this.

Eye shadow, mascara and concealer

Skyscraper mascara
(i think it has a new name). I actually got this from poundland a while ago because i thought was a bargain and i thought i would just give it ago, i used to use it lot but i actually haven't used it in a while now. I don't think its the best mascara in the world but its okay, i would say its more of a lengthening mascara than a volumising one. It has an interesting brush, its plastic and it has shorter bristles on one side then on the other side they are longer (picture).

Colour intense trio eye shadow pallet
I got a pack of two of these from poundlad ages ago and i thought they were really good so i decided to get another which was from They are very pigmented but they are very powdery. They all have lovely colours and i really enjoy using them. The packaging is very cheap looking but i can get over that. I don't think they sell these in store any more.

Lasting perfection concealer
This is probably collections most famous product, i bet almost every beauty blogger/vlogger has this or has tried it. It gets so much hype online, and i must say i do go along with the hype. It a very high coverage concealer but can go a bit cakey. I would say its best to put this on spots and redness and not under your eyes as it can crease and go very cakey there.

Lip products

Lock and Hold Lip gloss
I love this lip gloss, its a beautiful blue toned barbie pink colour that is very pigmented and very glossy, its not sticky at all which is a bonus. They only have four colours of this lip gloss and the other ones aren't that nice, i would say this and the nude one are the only nice colours, im just not drawn to the other ones.

Cream Puff moisturising lip cream
The first thing i must say about this is that it is not at all moisturisng, its very creamy as soon as you put it on, but by the time it has dried, your lips feel so dry and almost hard. There not that long lasting i would say around 2-3 hours. Again like the lip gloss these only come in four shades and these two are the brightest the other two are nude colours.

Pure Gloss lip gloss
I brought this years ago and i think they have repackaged and reformulated them. This is a pink colour with shimmer and a bit of glitter in it. I actually don't really use this so i cant really tell you any more about it.

Nail polish

Hot looks fast dry nail polish
These are only like £1.99 and that's really good for these as they are very good. They have a very good size brush you can do your whole nail in about two swipes and your little finger in one. I have these two really lovely colours and i think i might have to get a few more ( they have changed the packaging)



  1. I went on the hunt for those eye crayons this morning and they were all sold out xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. Its probably because they are so good lol x