Sunday, 29 September 2013

Top 5 Makeup Products Under £5

Hello everyone so today i am going to be showing you my top 5 makeup products under £5 i hope you enjoy.

Collection Lock and Hold lip gloss in Body Pop
This is such a lovely lip gloss, its not sticky at all and it is a beautiful colour. Its a light baby pink colour with blue under tones and it has no shimmer in it. It looks really nice over a lot of lipsticks and even by its self. For £2.99 these lip glosses are lovely, i think there is five other shades and i really need to pick them up.

Collection Work the Colour eye shadow pencil in Hot Chocolate
You guys should now by now how much i love these bad boys especially this colour. I have three of the six shades and i must say they are lovely, they are very pigmented and creamy and last a very long time. They are nice all over the lid but they can go a little patchy, but after a few coats and some eye shadow over the top they look fine. For £3.19 they are a bargain and they are a good dupe for the NYX jumbo eye pencils, if you haven't already tried these you have to. I have done a full review of these here

MUA single eye shadows
I have a few of these and they are all lovely especially this brown one in pearl shade 11. They have two different types pearl which are shimmery and matte which are obviously matte, i have only tried the pearl ones so i cant tell you any think about the matte ones. They are very pigmented and very creamy, they can be a little powdery but i can live with that. For £1 these are amazing and if you haven't tried any you have to.

MUA Undress your skin Shimmer Highlighter
Highlighters are a product that the drugstore dosent really have many of, so when i saw this come out a few months ago i had to pick it up and lets just say im glad i did. The packaging has broken which is very annoying but i can live with it. It is 100% a highlighter for pale skin so if you have darker skin i would stay away from this. It is a pink highlighter with a hint of blue shimmer in it (so its a blue toned pink). Its very pigmented and looks lovely on the cheeks. As you can see they product its self looks very expensive as it has a wave texture to it (like the MAC ones) and it is only £3. If you have pale skin you should get this.

Maybelline colour tattoo
I'm sure almost everyone has one of these, they are such a lovely product. They are very creamy and go on to the lid like a dream. They last a very long time especially when your wearing a primer and eye shadow over the top. This colour is pink gold and its actually the only colour tattoo i have and now i have tried it i want more. For £4.99 they are a bargain and eBay do a few of them for even cheaper (which is were i got mine). If you haven't tried these were have you been.

Whats your favorite product under £5 ??



  1. This was soo helpful, thank you! I've herd soooo many good things about the MUA undress your skin highlighter but everywhere i've looked it's out of stock! damn :( I really want it because i put my foundation on & then powder my skin, but powder can mattefy your skin and defeat and radiance in the foundation so this seems like it'll stay my foundation but still highlight my skin :)


    1. Im glad this helped u and it is lovely, u might b abul to get it online :)x

  2. I love this highlighter! It replaced my mac soft and gentle & that's saying something haha!!

    1. Oh really, i have always wanted to try that x

  3. love your blog! i have all the shades of the lock n hold lipglosses, the coral coloured one is amazing!