Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween NOTD - Eye Balls

Happy Halloweeeeen, so its Halloween and as im not doing any think to well, celebrate Halloween i thought i would do some cool nail art. So after about 10 minutes of searching for Halloween nail art on Google i decided to do eye ball nails because i thought it looked really cool.

I started off by painting my nails all white with Rimmels white nail polish in London Clouds, then i took my dotting tool and used the greeny blue nail polish (no name, no brand) and dotted a medium sized dot in the middle of my nail, this is the colour of the eye ball so you can use any colour you like, still using the dotting tool i took Models own nail polish in Black Magic and dotted a smaller dot in the middle of the green dot to make the pupil, then i used a small angled nail art brush and used 17 nail polish in knockout red to create the veins on the eye. So as you can tell this is really easy to do and it looks really good.