Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Professional beauty London, Haul

Hello everyone, so on Monday i went to the professional beauty show at the London ExCel. I went with my college and it took us three and a half hours to get their and three hours to get back which felt like ages, but it was worth it as i got all this amazing stuff, i really liked the show and i got everything i wanted and more.

Options low melt paraffin wax around, £4 or £5
I have wanted some paraffin wax for ages as we use it at college, its such a lovely products and i got it for a bargain. If you don't know what paraffin wax is, it is a wax that you apply as a mask to the hands or feet, it makes your skin really soft and im very excited to use it, i brought the fragrance free one as then i would know that no one would have an allergic reaction to it.
Paraffin wax brush, £2 something 
I brought a brush to apply the paraffin wax as you need a special one as it drys very fast.
Options disposable mini waxing spatulas, 70p
I wanted some of these for when i wax the brows and top lip as at the moment im just using regular sized one and braking them in half, but for 70p i couldn't say no.
Solutions grape-seed massage oil, £3 something
I needed some massage oil as i don't have any, this was really cheap but the bottle is pretty small so i hope it doesn't run out to fast.

Small bowls £1.20
Medium bowl £2.30
I needed some of these bowls for when i do my treatment so i have some were to put the water and cotton pads.

Jessica mini nail polish set £5.95
I couldn't say no to this as it was so cheap, and i have never tried Jessica before so i am excited to try them.

Jessica Jessana crystal ionized nail soak £3.50
This is a product that you use to clean and nourish the nails, you put some tea spoons into a manicure bowl and then soak the nails in it, this had a really good discount so i had to get it.

Essie to dry for, polish drying top coat £5.50
Essie mint candy apple £4.50
I don't have any Essie nail polishes so when i found out they were like half price i had to pick a few up, i have wanted to try mint candy apple for a while so when i saw that i was very happy. I also picked up the top coat because i thought it looked good, i haven't tried it yet but i hope it good.

Manicure bowl £1.95
I wanted to pick up one of these so when i saw it that cheap i had to pick it up.
Peggy sage nail polish £2
I thought this colour looked really nice and it was only £2 so i deiced to pick it up.

Proto-col instant manicure hand scrub £10
I really wanted some hand scrub so when i saw a stand selling scrubs i had to go over, i asked if i could try this one on my hands and when i used it it felt amazing, its very gritty which is great and then when i washed it off and dried my hands they were so moisturised i just had to get it, it also smells like toothpaste which is great. I now that full price this is £19 so i got a great discount on this.

Nyx taupe blusher £4.50
I have heard great things about this and i now its a great contour colour for pale people.
Nyx peaches & cream butter gloss £4.00
Youtubers talk about these all the time so i had to pick one up, i also wanted eclair but they were sold out :(
Nyx sparkle nude jumbo eye pencil £4.00
I love these jumbo eye pencils so i decided to pick up a gold coloured one as i thought it would look nice under the eye.

Now on to the things i didn't get from then show.

Superdrug purifyng and hydrating face masks two for £3.50
I wanted some face masks for my facial kit, so i thought these were on a good offer so i decided to pick one up for oily skin and one for dry skin.

Polythene paraffin protectors, Sally's £2.13, on sale
When you put the paraffin wax on the hands or feet you have to put some kind of protector on to keep heat in and so the wax doesn't go everywhere, they did have these at the show but they were £5, i did almost buy them but i didn't as i thought they were to expensive so i was very happy when i saw them on sale in Sally's

Thai manicure hand mask, Sally's £2.34, on sale
One thing i really wanted to get from the show was a hand mask but i couldn't find one, so i actually went into Sally's looking for this one and it happened to be on sale which i was very happy about. We use this one at college so i know how lovely this mask is.

Thai manicure hand and arm massage cream, Sally's £2.34, on sale
As the mask was only cheap i decided to pick up the massage cream as well, i got it as i usually use the face and body massage cream a o the hands and arms and i thought this would be nicer, this will be much better as its in a squeezey bottle as my other one is in a pot. We also use this at college so i know it smells amazing and that it has glitter in it.

Pro hair and beauty magazine, Sally's £1.95
As you may know we don't really get beauty magazines in England, so i like to pick up an issue of this whenever i am in Sally's. I also got some free individual lash's with it.

Thank you so much for reading i hope you enjoyed



  1. Half price Essie?!?!?!? WOW, I'm jealous
    Estelle x

  2. Ah! Lovely post. I really wanna get NYX butter gloss!

  3. You got some great bits from pro beauty :D lovely post hun :) xx

  4. Oooh I was there. I loved the Protocol bits! Danielle xx