Sunday, 4 May 2014

Nail Polish Haul - Barry M, Technic and Primark

Hello, so the other week i was having a craving to buy nail polish, so when i eventually went shopping i brought five, but i could have brought way more if i had the money or if i actually needed them.

Barry M 3 for 2 - Gelly hi shine £3.99, other £2.99
When i saw the new spring collection of the Gelly hi shines i new i had to get some, i was going to buy them all but i thought i have loads of colours like the other one and i also wanted to buy the 50 years of superdrug birthday nail polish. The gelly hi shines are very light pastels, they almost look white. They are very pigmented and only need two coats to make them opaque, i brought the pink one to wear on my birthday as my dress has light pink in it. The light pink is called Rose hip and the light blue is called Huckleberry.
The 50 years of Superdrug nail polish is opaque fuchsia based with glitters in it, for a glitter nail polish is very pigmented, i only used two coats to get it how it is in the swatch, this nail polish is called birthday.

Technic 99p from body care
I always see these nail polishs in body care and i have never pick them up and i don't know why as they are so cheap, they have loads of glitter ones and these two really stood out to me. When i was there i noticed they have a pastel collection that look exactly the same as the Barry m Gelly hi shine spring collection, i was going to pick them up and do a comparison post on my blog but i didn't as i don't need them. One is called garden party and this has green, silver and purple glitters in them, which i thought looked really nice together. The other one is called monochrome, its a bit like one that L'Oreal one that everyone went mad over last year, its like a salt and pepper nail polish i believe people called them, i didn't really like them at first but when i saw this i thought i may as well pick them up. They are just like any other glitter nail polish in which its takes a few coats to get a full coverage of glitter. These are really good for 99p and im 100% going to get some more in the future.

£1 primark false nails
Now i don't wear fake nails but these were just to pretty to leave behind. There is 24 nails in each pack so you can get at least two uses out of each box with some spares in case something goes wrong, they also come with glue which is amazing considering they are only £1. They have loads of different patterns but these are the ones that stood out to me, i don't know whether in actually going to wear these or not, but... oh well.

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