Friday, 30 May 2014

What I Got For My 18th Birthday

So on Saturday the 17th of may it was my 18th birthday, i got lots of lovely things and i really wanted to share them with you guys. As it was my 18th birthday i was very spoiled, so i just want to say a massive thank you to all my family for buying me these amazing things.
The first thing i got i actually got before my birthday as i really really needed it and that was a new phone, i got the Samsung galaxy s4 which i am in love with, its my new baby.
I also went on a trip to Paris which will be another post.

I got quite a few things from the body shop which i asked for. I really wanted to try some things from the vitamin E range, so i asked for a few of them. I got the Moisture Serum which i have only used a few times and i have been loving it the texture is lovely and it makes my skin feel really soft. The Cream Exfoliater i actually didn't ask for this but im glad i got it as i really needed a new exfoliater, i have used it once or twice and its very nice, its very creamy as the name would suggest, so you need to add water to it to feel the scrubby bits. The last vitamin E product is the Eye Cream, i really needed a new eye cream and i thought this would be good so i asked for it, i have used every night or so since i got it and i have really been enjoying it, it nice and moisturising and not greasy at all, it is a lovely product. I also asked for the Camomile Cleansing Oil as i have just finished using the camomile cleansing butter and i really loved using that so i thought i would give this ago as well, i have used it a few times and i really like it. The only problem is one of these new face products has been braking me out and i don't know which one it is as i have been using them all, so that's not good. The last thing from the body shop is this Born Lippy Lip Balm in raspberry, i have wanted to try one of these for ages but have never picked one up and i don't know why because i love it soooo much and i now want very scent lol.

The next few things are from lush. I always get caught into buying a little mini of the Charity Pot hand and body Moistuiser when im at the till in lush, but i don't mind as i really love it so i thought i would ask for the big size for my birthday, it smells a bit weird but its really lovely. I also got the Think Pink Bath Bomb, i already had one of these which i hadn't used yet so now i have two, i hope i like it lol.

MAC. I have two mac eye shadows and i love them sooo much so i thought i would ask for a few more bits for my birthday.The Lipstick in Angel this is my first ever lipstick from mac so i thought i would make it natural and wearable for everyday, which this is, Its a light nudy pink and i love it so much. The Eye Shadow in All That Glitters I went into mac and swatched almost all of there eye shadows and this one really stood out to me so i thought i would ask for it, its a lovely light goldy almost pinky toned colour, its very natural and lovely to wear everyday just all over the lid by its self. The Paint Pot in Bare Study this is a lovely light champagne colour which looks lovely and natural all over the lid by itself or as a base, i have used this once and its nice i like it, its not that amazing though. When my Aunite brought me the eye shadow and lipstick she got some free samples which are a primer (don't know which one) and the strobe cream which i am excited to use.

Vera Wang bejeweled perfume. I sprayed a bit of this on my arm when i was browsing around Selfridges and i feel in love so i had to ask for it for my birthday, its so fruity and sweet and just a beautiful scent. My mom managed to find a gift set with the body lotion and body wash to match which are also really lovely.

River Island light blue satchel. Me and my mom were browsing around river island and i saw this bag and i fell in love, its the perfect size and its such a beautiful colour, it has gold hard wear and a fake snake print in certain places. I also do remember it was quite cheap for a RI bag.

Ted Baker Light Pink Makeup Bag. I have seen loads of pictures of these makeup bags on instagram and they are just so beautiful, so when i went into the Ted Baker store and i saw it i fell in love and my auntie who was with me decided to get it for me for my birthday which was so lovely of her, thing is i don't want to use it and get it dirty, its currently sitting on my shelf on display and i may stay there for a while lol.
River Island Purse. I really wanted one of these big purses as i normally have the small little ones but there wasn't enough card holders in them and the coins always fell out so i thought i would ask for one of these bigger ones and my mom got me this lovely beige one.

Sanctuary Gift Set. My mom surprised me with these gift set and i love it so much, i have never tried any think from sanctuary so this is a great chance to. In it there is: a body scrub, body wash, facial cleanser, body butter, body scrubber brush thing, foot scraper thing, facial moituriser, foot scrub and a facial exfoliater. I have used a few of these things and they have been lovely so far.

Yankee Candle in Pink Sands. I love Yankee candles so much so i thought i would ask for one, i had this in a wax tart and i loved it so much so i thought i would ask for the big candle. I cant describe the scent but the website says; It's an exotic island escape in the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla.

These are a few other products i got; Boots foot cream, Nivea lotion, St Ives facial scrub, Nivea soft mosisturser and the Revlon nearly naked foundation which i love.

I got this really cute ring holder with a little owl on it, how cute is this.

Two Tops from Newlook, i was shopping with my mom and auntie and i noticed new look had a sale on so off course i had to go in, i saw these two really lovely tops and my auntie said she would get them me for my birthday which was lovely of her.

If you want to see what i wore on my birthday, take a look at this post My birthday OOTD and NOTD

So that is most of the things i got for my birthday, i hope you enjoyed this post, please comment and follow.


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  1. Such lovely gifts! I hope you had a wonderful day :) The River Island light blue satchel is so so so gorgeous! xx