Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Life Update #4

So i have a little update for you today, a lot of things have been and are going to be in my life at the minute and i wanted to let you guys know. BTW this is a very writing heavy post so grab a cuppa and enjoy.

I got my first ever job (yay). At my college there is also a working beauty salon, and they were looking for girls who are doing beauty level 3 to work for them, as they were very low on staff, so when i saw the advertisement i had to apply for it, it took longer than a month for everything to b finalised which is ridiculous but my college is very disorganised, but after a while of emailing back and forth and me giving them lots of information the lady emailed me and said i had got it, i was sooo happy. Its around a month later and i still haven't started but i talk about that in the finger section of this post

Work experience
Along with my course we have to get a work experience placement, and there was a spa in Birmingham that i really wanted to do it at, so i went into the spa and asked about it, unfortunately the manager wasn't in so i gave my information in and the girl said someone will ring or email me, three days later i hadn't heard anything back, so i thought i would ring up to see what was going on, and it turned out that this girl didn't give the manager my information which was ridiculous, but it was a good job that i called other wise i wouldn't of got it. The manager told me to email her some information like my CV and what week i would like to do it and some other bits, so i did this and unfortunately the week i wanted to do it another person was doing theirs, i was very upset about this as i didn't think i would be able to do it now. So i spoke to my tutor at college and she said it would be okay for me to do it a different week which was amazing. So i got back to the spa and they said that i could do it the week after. I am currently now doing the work experience, i have done one day so far and i enjoyed it i was in from 11am-7.30pm, it was a very long day but i enjoyed it.
I cant do any treatments as there insurance doesn't cover work experience which is a same, but i still get to see how a working spa works, i did a lot of cleaning and working on reception but i also got to help the girls tidy up there rooms if they have client after client and needed there room clean and tidy fast which is fun, i also got to speak to the clients and take them to the relaxation room which is where they go before there treatment which was great, and i would of thought that my other days are going to be like this as well.

So on good Friday i was at home having a nice relaxing day and then my dad made me help him in the garden. He was moving the green house and to do this he had to take the glass out, so he thought while the glass panels were out he may as well clean them so of course i got the job off cleaning them by hand, it was all going well until i was turning a glass panel over and the corner snapped off and took a big chunk of my skin off all the way down the my vein, so about 2 hrs later it was still bleeding so my mom thought it was right to take to to a&e so we did, three times in one night from the times of seven o'clock to 3am and it was bleeding from 5pm-3am, i had doctors, nurses, hand specialists and plastic surgents all come and see me, finally at around 1 or 2 am they put this special piece of material which was meant to stop it from bleeding so that was on for a about 30 mins to an hour and it was still bleeding and that's when the plastic surgents came and sorted me out they took the same piece of material put it on my finger putting presser on and my arm up in the air and finally at around 3 am it stopped bleeding. I was sent home and it was fine and it hasn't bleed again since, i went to the nurse a few times after to change the dressing and so they could take a look at it, that special piece of material stayed on my finger and that helped from the scab to form and for about three weeks i was waiting for that to fall of like a natural scab would, and today the day i am writing this it fell of, the skin underneath has gown back fine but the top layer of my skin still hasn't grown back and still very delicate. Because of this my left hand has been out of use so of course i haven't been able to do assessments at college or start my job.

So as you may already know on Saturday the 17th of may i turned 18, i had a wonderful day and i also actually had colour put on my hair for the first time ever lol, if you want to know more about my birthday take a look at this post.

For my birthday my mom is taking me to Paris, surprisingly i have never been to the center of Paris but i have been to France loads of times, i am really looking forward to it not only for sights but also for the shopping so if there is anything you recommend me picking up from sephora or a pharmacy let me know.

So that's everything i would be very surprised if any of you got through the whole of this post but if you did leave me a nice comment.


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