Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A Professional Manicure and my Kit

Hello, so for today's post im going to tell you what a full manicure that you would get in a salon or SPA entails, im also going to show you my manicure kit.

So the first thing i would do is remove any nail polish or dirt or oil from the nail plate, at my salon they we use pure acetone which i think is ridiculous as its so drying and bad for the nails. Next i would cut and shape the nails to the clients desired shape. Then i would put cuticle oil or cream on to the cuticles and then soak them in warm soapy water in a manicure bowl, but in my kit i have this Jessica Jessana crystal ionized nail soak which helps to both clean and hydrate the nails, so i use that instead of soap.

Once i have done the other hand i will take the first one out of soak and then soak the other hand. Once the hand is out the water i use a hoof stick to push back the cuticles while they are soft, next i would apply some cuticle remover cream and remove any excess cuticle with cuticle nippers. Next i would buff the nails you are meant you use a buffing cream but i just use the cuticle remover cream as i don't see the point in getting another product when i can just use this cream product.

Next would be a hand scrub, i have this Proto-col instant manicure scrub, which is half oil and half scrubbing agent. It is very gritty which is lovely for the hands and it also really hydrates them. Next is a hand mask you will have a choice of either a hand mask that would be put into warm mits or a paraffin wax mask which is just like candle wax just with more benefits for the skin.

The hand mask will be applied with this small brush and the paraffin wax will be applied with this is almost paint brush, the for both masks you hand will be placed in to polythene paraffin protectors (which is just like a sandwich bag) and then either placed in to mits like in the picture or heated mits. (Bare in mind things may vary in different salons this is just how i learnt to do it)

Next you will get a lovey hand and arm massage, i love this massage cream as it smells amazing and it has shimmer in it. Then your nail plate will be cleaned with nail polish remover so they are ready to be painted, you can choose from a french manicure or what ever other colour you would like.

I hope you enjoyed this post, in a few posts i have my facial kit coming so keep an eye out for that.

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