Sunday, 2 September 2012

Night time skin care routine.

Hello everyone.

This is my night time skin care routine.

If you would like to see my morning skin care routine click on the link.

NIVEA daily essentials facial wipes.

I start off by taking a wipe and wiping round my face to take the top layer of my foundation off, my eyeshadow and eyebrow colour off.

GARNIER simply essentials eye make up remover.
Then i put some my eye make up remover on to a Cotton pad and take my mascara and eyeliner off.
This eye make up remover is okay it dose the job, it doesn't irritate my eyes its soothing as it says on the bottle.
As you can see I'm running out i have already brought a new one from nivea.

Simple kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion.
I then put some cleanser on to a Cotton pad and cleanse my face.
I love this cleanser it doesn't have a sent and its really smooth and cleanses your face well.
I have almost ran out off this, i might buy another, but i have an Estee Lauder cleanser that my mom gave to me so i might use that first and see how i like it.

Clearasil ultra overnight serum.
Next i take this and put it on my nose, cheeks and chin.
I don't know if this really works but i now since i have left school and brought this my skin has been really good and i have only been getting that random spot.
I found this and the next product in poundland and had to pick it up, even the women at the till said its good.
I will let this sink in to my skin for a few hours.

Clearasil ultra over night lotion.
Before i go to bed i will put this on if my skin is feeling a bit dry.
This is okay I'm sure if its actually doing anything, but i like it.

The next few things are products that i don't use all of the time, i thought i would included them in the post anyway.

Clearasil overnight wash
I use this whenever i feel like my face needs a really good clean, i feels so nice on the skin, when you wash it off your skin feels fresh,clean and soft.
I really like this and i think it costs under £2. 

I use a thin layer off this all over my face when my skin is really bad, i really dose work, i would defo recommend this if you have bad spots if really dose the job.

Estee Lauder advanced night repair.
I will use a bit of this all over my skin when i feel its a bit ruff and needs smoothing out or it i have a few bad spots.
This is really lovely, its only a sample size and my mom gave it to me as she dosent use it.

Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye.
This is the only eye cream/gel i have so when ever my eyes feel dry or there itchy i will put this on, its really smooth and  your under eyes feel so soft in the morning.
Again this is a sample size and my mom gave it to me, as she uses a different eye cream. 

Parmers cocoa butter formula.
I use this when my skin is really dry,its really nice smells lovely and makes my face really smooth.
I think this is made for the body but i use it on my face anyway.
Whats your favorite product you use on your skin i would love to know ?
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  1. I use that simple cleanser too, I love it, it' so gentle! :) I will have to try the clearasil overnight products! x

    1. U should there really good and very cheap x

  2. Great skin routine, these kinds of posts make me feel motivated to create a proper skin routine!