Monday, 10 September 2012

products i have used up #2

  Hello everyone.

Today i have my second products i have used up post, enjoy.

Schwarzkopf got2b 2 sexy collagen hairspray.
I'm sure i have already talked about this product before, but i will just give you a run down, it smells amazing just like cherry aid, its not sticky and it doesn't make your hair hard, it dose a really good job and i would defo buy this again.

Nivea pearl and beauty deodorant.
This is just like any other spray, it stops you from sweating lol.
It smells powdery but it is nice.
Not really much more to say.

E45 moisturising lotion.
I have very sensitive legs so i really liked using this as it is perfume free and good for your body.
I didn't use the whole of this i found it in the bathroom with about a third left in it i used it and i really like it, other moisturisers irritate my legs but this is lovely.
I have already brought a new one.

Batiste dry shampoo original
I'm sure you all know what this is so I'm not going to go on about it.
I use this in my roots on second day hair to make it look a bit more fresh.
I buy the original one as i don't really like the smell of the others, i brought the blush one and i really don't like the smell,so in future i think I'm just going to stick with this one.

Garnier simply essentials soothing eye makeup remover.
I think i might have already spoke about this to, but anyway this is really nice, much nicer than the nivea one i have recently brought.
Its a clear liquid,and it takes your eye makeup off really well and it doesn't irritate my eyes, i probably would buy this again.

Avon advanced techniques dry ends serum.
I don't really know if this made any difference to my hair i couldn't really tell.
Its a clear serum and you put It on your hair when its damp you can when its dry but i found that it made my hair look a bit oily.
I don't think i will buy this again.

Soap and glory hand food, hand cream.
This smells soooo nice i would defo recommend this to you.
On the tube it says Non-greasy hand cream with Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow.
The only thing is that for only a small tube its £2.50 which it a lot for only 50ml, but i might buy it again because i really like it.
If you have any requests on posts you would like me to do comment down below.
Tell me do you use/like any of the products that i mentioned ?
Thank you very much for reading and please follow.





  2. I have the avon daily shine serum and I think its AMAZING!

    Great blog!