Sunday, 16 September 2012

TAG: How much is my face worth.

  Hello everyone
So today's post is the how much is my face worth tag i have seen a few posts on this so i thought i would do it as well.
I must say my products aren't to interesting but i hope you like any way :)

Clinique redness solutions foundation in calming alabaster
This is the only foundation i own i really like it the coverage it medium perfect for me.
The only thing is it doesn't last all day on my skin, and also its only 30ml so i don't think its going to last to Long i have had it for about 5 months and its still going strong.
Natural collection blush in rosey glow
This is a really nice blush its one of those colours wear you can use it as a blush and bronzer.
I have recently hit pan on it so i might get another but I'm not sure yet.
Benefit high beam
I got this with a glamour magazine last year.
I don't use this all the time only when i think my face needs a bit of hightlighting.
Its okay i dont really have anything to compare it to as this is the only one i have.
I probs wouldn't buy the big one as i know there are a few cheaper dupes for it in the high street.
Natural collection eyeshadow due in mink and sable.
I use the darker colour for my eyebrows, it is shimmery but not much so my eyebrows don't look like they have glitter in them.
This shade is the perfect colour for my brows.
I will also use this due for my eye shadows sometimes, like if I'm in a rush and i cant be bothered to look through my other shadows.
MUA clear mascara
I use this to set my eyebrows it doesn't really work but i do it anyway.
Collection 2000 colour intense trio in  02 sin city.
I got this from pound land, it came in a pack if two.
I really like the two lighter colours there really nice to put all over the lid and in the crease.
They are kind of powdery put not to much i really like this trio, i brought another of fragrance direct for like 80p.
Collection 2000 intense colour super soft kohl pencil in 01 black magic
I really like this pencil its really black and it stays on the waterline for a few hours, it dose smudge and come off which i don't really like.
If you know any good drugstore eyeliner that stays on the waterline all day please let me know.
Collection 2000 skyscraper mascara in 17 ultra black
I got this from pound land.
The first time i used this i wasn't to impressed but after a few days using it i really do like it.
All toghter my face costs £34.47,pretty good price.
If you have any post requests please let me know.
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  1. Hey Louise! Found you through the #bbloggers chat so thought I would drop by and say hello. Nice post - I always find it interesting to get a peek into someone else's makeup bag!

    Emma xo

  2. That's a cery good price! I'll be doing this post next week. I wonder how much mine will cost! :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  3. Does the redness solution work for you? I have high colouring on my cheeks so I'm always searching for an anti-redness product that actually works.


    Jess xx

    1. I Would say it cancels out the redness when u put it on, and scince i have been using it the redness on my skin has slowly disapperd, it dosent really cover blemishs though :)x

  4. i like the sound of the foundation and i got myself that mascara for a £1 as well :)
    hareem x

  5. Oh such a good post! I think I may try this out on mine!

    You got some great bargains from the £ shop,
    Never thought to look for make up in there!