Saturday, 1 September 2012

Morning skin care routine.

Hello everyone.
This my morning skin care routine enjoy.

NIVEA daily essentials facial wips
I start off by using a face wipe all over my face to make sure my face is nice and clean and freashen me up a bit.
I dont tend to wash or cleanse my face in the morning, some times i splash my face with water to wake me up a bit but thats it, its mainly because im kind of lazy lol, i feel like the wipes do the job for me.

Beauty formulas on the spot treatment.
Next i will put some of this on my cheeks and my chin to keep the spots away.
This is really good concidering it was only 99p, i feel like it really dose work, so doses my brother because he always steals it and uses it and it really annoyes me becuase i dont have much left but its okay because it not like its expensive.
Superdrug aqua hydrating day cream.
Lastly i will moisterises my skin with this, there not really much to say about this its just a regular moisteriser.
After this my skin is ready for makeup.
If you want me to do my everyday makeup produts post i will just comment down below.
My next post will be my night time skin care routine, which might be a bit more intreasting as there are a lot more produts. 
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