Sunday, 23 September 2012


  Hello everyone.
I have a haul for you just a few things i picked up yesterday enjoy.

Jacket-Primark £25
I have wanted one of these jackets with the leather sleeves for a while and this one from primark is the cheapest one i could find, so yesterday i went in looking for it, at first i couldn't find it Que my little panic, but then i saw a girl trying one on so i walked around the area where she was and i found it :)
I tyred on the 10 and the body fit perfect but the sleeves where a bit tight, so i decided to get the 12 which fits fine, i love this jacket so much.

Khaki Jeans- Pimark £11
I have seen a few people talk about these jeans on youtube they are called the ultra soft super skinny jeans, people were saying they are comparable to the topshop leigh jeans, i wouldn't know because i don't own a pair as they are way to over priced for me.
I tyred these on in a 10 they were perfect on the leg but i couldn't get them done up, so i just brought the 12 they fit perfect round the waist but they are really long and the legs are a bit baggy, I'm not sure weather to take them back or just live with it.    
Also sorry if the pic is a bit blurry.

River Island -3 set ear cuff £2
I thought £2 for 3 ear cuffs was really good so i decided to get them.
The colours are rose gold, gold and silver.

River Island rose gold wish bone earrings £1,50
As there is a rose gold cuff in the pack above i decided to get some earrings to match as i own no rose gold jewellery :o i know, i thought these were cute and they were only £1.50 so i decided to get them.

River Island black cross earrings £1.50
In river island they had loads of these little cross studs in silver, gold and black so i went for the black as i own no black earrings and i new they would go with everything, and again they were a bargain at only £1.50, i will defo buy more jewellery form river island in the future.  

Clean and clear blackhead clearing daily scrub Morrison's £1.90
I have wanted a face scrub for a while as i have never had one, so when i was food shopping with my dad i decided to get this as i was cheap and its not to harse as you can use it daily.

Superdrug nail polish remover around £1
I have almost run out of the one I'm using at the moment so i decided to get this as i was in superdrug.
Also while i was there i smelt the new lady gaga perfume its amazing i really want it, if you havent smelt it already you reallt need to its lovely.

 Clinique Chubby stick in mighty mimosa £16
This is a very sheer baby pink colour, i didn't realise it was so sheer until today when i tyred it on I'm really unhappy it doesn't even make a difference to my lips I'm not impressed at all.
My auntie brought me a £30 clinique voucher for getting on to my college course, this was very nice of her and i wasn't expecting it at all, so i brought this and the next product. 

Clinique line smoothing concealer in 02 light £15
Even though it says line smoothing it doesn't necessarily mean its for wrinkles our any think, the women said its still good for spots and any redness, i haven't used this yet only when the lady tyred it on me, but it dose seem nice.

Thank you for reading and please follow.


  1. that jacket is lovely! I really want one as well.
    that was so nice of your auntie! that's rubbish that you don't like the chubby stick though :(

    great blog xx

    1. Thank u and i now and im really annoyed !!x

  2. The jacket looks great! I'm actually looking for a similar one. :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  3. I love clinique chubby sticks, my fav being woppin watermelon. It is very natural looking but you can tell you're wearing it. BTW if any up market make up staff sell you something and they kind of tell you the wrong thing, like this shade matches your skin tone, or this chubby stick is noticeable, and they mislead you, you can go back and they will change the item. Just for future reference. :)