Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Empties 2013

Morrisons Papaya and Mango Shower Scrub
I brought this ages ago and only recently started using it. It is morrisons own so it was really cheap i think it was around £1-2. It smells amazing one of the best things i have ever smelt, im not sure if it actually smells like papaya and mango but it does smell amazing and very fruity, and the smell stays on your skin for a few hours which is nice. For a scrub its not very invigorating, the particles in it are very small and there's is not many of them. I don't think i will repurchase this.

Batiste dry shampoo
This is a product i have talked about many many times so i don't want to bore you. I'm sure you have all used this before and know how good it is. I spray it on second day hair when its looks a bit greasy and my hair looks brand new, it does come out white but i can deal with that, i think i might try the one for brown hair. I will always repurchase this.

TRESemme Ultimate Hold Touchable finish Hair spray
I really love this hair spray but it makes me sneeze which is weird, any way i really like it because it keeps my hair in place all day and it doesn't make it crispy. I might buy the full size of this but im not sure as it does make me sneeze which is a bit odd.

Amargan Hair oil
I brought this at a beauty show that i went to with my college in May. The man working at the stand tried a bit of it on my hair and after it felt amazing so i decided to buy a set of three different products. This is the only one from the pack i have used and that is because i love it so much. It makes my hair feel so amazing, i put about three pumps in to my hand and then spread it in to the ends of my hair when its wet, then when i wake up in the morning my hair feels so soft and looks amazing, i really want the full size but i think its like £20 so that wont be happening.

Carex Sensitive Hand gel
Everyone needs hand gel and this is the one i always buy, its around £1-2 and you can get it any were. I use this before i do my makeup and before i take my makeup off. It cleans my hands very well and i use it all the time. I have already brought another bottle.

Clinique Even better Clinical Dark spot Corrector
My aunt gave me two samples of this a few weeks ago and i started using it and i really liked it . Its a peachy colored serum type product that i applied every night. Im not really sure if i noticed a difference but it was nice to use, i just looked at the website and the full size is like £80 which is ridiculous so i wont be buying that.

Estee Lauder Take it Away Total Makeup Remover 
My mom gave this to me ages ago from one of those big sets that they do at Christmas because she wasn't going to use it. I used it a few times but i didn't really now how to use it so i just left it. But a few months ago i was searching through my collection and i found it so i thought i would give it another try and i really liked it, you can tell i did as i chopped the top off. I message this in to my face then take a damp Kleenex facial cloth and take my makeup off. It is fragranced but it didn't brake me out in spots or any think. I think the full size is like £20 so i wont be buying that, but i do really like this product.

Nivea Soft Refreshingly soft Moisturising cream
Another product that i talk about all the time is this and that is because i love it so much. This is manly a hand cream but i use it on my face and feet, it is so moisturising and makes my skin feel really soft. I will always buy this.

Lavera Cleansing Milk
I was sent this a while ago and i really loved it but then i stopped using it, so when i was trying to use up some products the other month i started using this again and i didn't love it as much but it is nice. Its good because you can use it to take off eye makeup as well as face makeup. Its a yellow colour and it smells a bit like sun cream which is strange. I wont be buying it but it was nice to have.


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