Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Seventeen Cosmetics Makeup Review

So today i have another cheap drugstore brand review for you and today's brand is seventeen. Seventeen can only be found in boots and is fairly cheap. Since i have brought any think from the brand they have had a little bit of a revamp, they used to be called 17 and now they have changed it to Seventeen, so only a small change, but some of my products might look a little bit different to the products in store.

Pencil eyeliners - The top one is black and the bottom one is purple. Both of these are very pigmented and creamy, they are great for the lash line but not so great for the waterline. I actually don't use these much any more, but i remember them been very nice pencils and i think they are only like £2.99 which is great.

Glitter liquid liners - I got these in a Christmas set years ago and i have never really used them, but for glitter liners they are actually very pigmented and stay on for a long time. I think there was some others in the set as well but i think i got rid of them.

Eye shadow
The eye shadows are all very pigmented but can be a bit powdery. I got all of these ages ago so i don't think they are available any more apart from maybe the single eye shadows. I don't really use this much anymore but i can tell you they are very nice but since the brand has been revamped they might be a bit better.

Nail polish 
The nail polish has got to be my favorite thing that seventeen do, they are very pigmented and the brush is really nice. The three on the top are from a Christmas set but the other four you can get in boots. I have two fast finish polishes one is a red which is called knock out red and a bluey green duo-crome in the shade sulk.
I also have two lasting fix polishes, a purple one called Chateaux and a shimmery coral colour called Tropical Island. I really like these nail polishes and at only £2,99 they are a bargain.

Seventeen also do a lot of other products like blushers, foundations, concealers, mascaras and a lot more which are all meant to be very good. I would say that this brand would be good for any teenagers or any one who is just starting out in makeup and want to try some decent stuff.



  1. I keep hearing such good things about Seventeen! I may have to try to find out if I can have it shipped to Canada!

    xx -b.

    1. They are very good, but also very hit and miss with there products x