Sunday, 6 October 2013

Whats in My College Bag (updated)

I did one of these posts around a year ago (here) so i thought i would do an updated version as my old one got very good views so you must of enjoyed it.
My bag in from H&M which i got last Christmas so i doubt they sell it any more. It is the perfect size it carry's every think i need it to and it is very sturdy.
In my bag i have a Ribena bottle which i use to put my squash in. I have a comb in case if i need to brush my hair. I have a Radly purse which i use to put any money i need in, i don't take my big purse because i will end up spending all my money on rubbish lol. I have my pass and my fob watch which comes in very handy when i am doing treatments. A body spray just to freshen up and in the background that purple case with the white spots on it is my pencil case.
I have an umbrella because you never now when its going to rain. My note pad, which is actually really cool it has lined paper, squared paper and plain paper and it was only like £1.50p from wilkos. My ears phones and my keys and then in the back ground is my makeup bag which i will show you in my next post.



  1. Love the bag! xx

  2. I love your bag to big enough to put all sorts of things in xx

  3. That bag is amazing! I love "What's in my bag" posts, but the College/Uni ones are my favourite as I love stationery notebooks, your one here is super cute!
    Good idea about the small Radley purse too as opposed to taking everything and most likely over spending (I am guilty of this lol).

  4. love your bag!! i'm also from Birmingham! :)