Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Whats in My College Makeup Bag (updated)

The other day i put up a whats in my college bag post (here) and i said i was going to do a post about whats in my makeup bag, so here it is.
My makeup bag its self i think is from Debenhams years ago, its a really good size and i can fit every think i need in it. I have some Anti-Bac hand gel from primark because you never now when you need to clean your hands, a mirror, Vaseline and Carmex lip balm as i have very dry lips. The real techniques buffing brush to buff in my collection lasting perfection concealer, i only take these so i can put some makeup back on after i have had it taken off from a facial treatment. A nail file, my eyebrow brush, the collection work the colour eyeshadow pencil that i use in my water line, a vaporizer which has lady gaga perfume in it and my eyebrow comb. I have some Kleenex shine absorbing sheets which i actually don't use so i have no idea why they are still in here. My urban decay naked basics pallet, which i love as it has every think i need in it, i use w.o.s to set any concealer and i use naked 2 for my brows and as a contour, and i also have it if want to put any eye shadow on. My NARS blush in orgasm, my eyelash curlers, the rituals mascara and whatever lipstick i am wearing that day today is a revlon lip butter.
So that is what i have in my makeup bag, most of the time i also have a load of hair grips and some hair bobbles but i toke them out a few days ago.


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