Thursday, 20 February 2014

Beauty Haul - Lush ,Boots, ASOS and Ikea

 So just a short post today of a few things i have recently brought.

So for Christmas my aunt brought me one of these eau rome water toner waters from lush, but the lid broke and more than half of it leaked out into my draw, i was very up set so i deiced to contact lush about it, and they ended up sending me another one for free, and they also surprised me with a bath bomb which was really nice of them.

Garnier softening cleansing lotion and micealler water, boots two for £4 offer.

Brittany spears midnight fantasy perfume, boots 30ml £9.99 on offer

Rimmel eyebrow pencil in medium and eye shadow pallet in brixton brown, Pencil £2 and eye shadow pallet £4.60 ASOS on sale.

IKEA lantern £2

Thank you so much for reading

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