Monday, 17 February 2014

Weekly update #1

Hello im back, im going to start doing some more posts on my blog and they are going to be a little different to my post i did before, im going to do these weekly update posts where i will show u my recent instagram pictures and tell what i did last week, these posts will probably be on different days but i will try to assign a day that they will be posted, lets just hope i keep it up.

So the pictures up there are the pictures i have recently uploaded to instagram, some of them are recent purchases and the others are just pictures i thought looked nice. Please follow my instagram as i upload at least one picture a day over there. My name is Beautycallls.

So last week i didn't really do much a part from college but i will tell you what i did anyway.
Monday - College, im normally in college on a Monday from 11.00 - 7.30 but one of my tutors couldn't come in so i only had to go in 3.30- 6.30 which was cool. I only had one lesson and that was aroma-therapy massage, we have learnt all the moves on all the ares so we just practised the full body massage.
Tuesday - On Tuesday im not at college and i just spend the day a home doing nothing really, but at around 3.00 my auntie texted me asking if she could have a back massage and her eyebrows done so off course i said yes. She has bad back problems so she asked for a course of back massages ounce a week so that was cool as i earn money doing it.
Wednesday - College, today i had a functional skills English exam in the morning which went okay. And then i had my retail lesson,in that lesson its was just a catch up lesson, so we were just organising our folders and doing any work we hadn't done. And that was all i did on Wednesday.
Thursday - Thursdays im not at college and all i normally do is go food shopping with my dad in the morning and that's all i did.
Friday - Back at college, so today at college we are in the salon all day, but today i actually had my work experience in the morning, which was actually quite good. We learnt how to answer the phone and book clients into the computer, i also did a treatment on a paying client which is always scary but it went really well, i did a full body Swedish massage and the lady really enjoyed it which was good. Later on it was our body electricals lesson were we did body micro-current which is actually quite boring as its very easy and we don't really do much.
Saturday - I went into town with mom and did a bit of shopping, if you look at the pictures above there is a picture of two garnier products which i brought from boots, i got them for a bargain there was an offer on 2 for £4 which i couldn't say no to as the miceller water is £4.99 by itself. I also brought a pick and mix lol.
Sunday - Sundays are lazy days for me, and my brothers and dad went to golf and then my mom went out with her sister, so i had some of the day to myself which was nice, i didn't really do much though, all i was some work for college and watch the TV and some YouTube.

So that was my week, and i actually really enjoyed writing this so i will defo try and keep it up.


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