Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Weekly update #2

Hello, so today i have another week update for you, its not on the same day as last week because i was busy Monday, im going to do these posts on Sundays from now on.

My newest pictures that i have put up on instagram this week, they are mainly a few new things i have brought and pictures i thought looked nice. My instagram name is BeautyCallls.

So this week it was half term so i didn't do anything really, so im just going to tell you about the days i actually did something.
Friday - I went to London today with my Aunt, Mom and my Cousin, we mainly were just shopping, we went to paper chase and brought a load of stuff from the sale (the pencil case in the pictures above). We went to & other stories which i was really excited about but i was actually very disappointed, the clothes weren't my style at all and everything was very expensive, the beauty haul was okay it was the bit i only really wanted to look at and again everything was very expensive. Then we went to Liberty's and had a look round the beauty haul which i loved, i didn't buy anything but i really liked the look on the Chanteille eye shadows. We also looked at the chocolate section were my mom brought some chocolate for my brother. We also went to Forever 21, Ted Baker, pull & bear, Lush and loads of other places, we had such a lovely day.
Monday - I went to London again, but this time with my college, we went to the professional beauty show at the ExCel, i had a lovely day and brought loads of lovely things (that's my next post).

Beauty therapy level 2
Beauty therapy level 3
Beauty Haul

So that's all i did last week.
I hope you enjoyed and look out for the next one of these posts on Sunday.


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