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Beauty Therapy Level 2

So im going to start a blog series about beauty therapy, im going to start of by doing post on the courses Beauty therapy level 2,3,4 and 5. And then im also going to be doing posts on the treatments you can have in a salon or a SPA, that either people don't know about or people don't know what it actually does or the benefits of it are.
Btw this is going to be a very writing heavy post.
So today im going to do a post on beauty therapy level 2, im going to tell you what that course entails and my experience.
If you didn't know i am a qualified level 2 therapist and currently doing my level 3.
I would just like to say that this is how my college did things other colleges may do things differently.

So you may think that doing a beauty course will be really easy but its not, and you may also think that all you do on the course is learn treatments but that is not true. The course involves a lot of theory work and assignments, but i will get more into that later on.

So these are the treatments that you learn on beauty therapy level 2.
Eyebrow shape (with tweezers)
Eyebrow tint
Eyelash tint
Individual lash application
Strip lash application
Waxing - Full leg, bikini, under arm, upper lip and brows.
Create an image based on a theme.
Bare in mind these treatments may vary in different colleges.

Assignments are a big thing in beauty therapy level 2, you do a lot of them, you do assignments on all of the treatments you learn, so you have to write about the health and safety, positioning of the client and therapists, contra-indications to each treatment and the importance of using the correct products tools and equipment.
You also have to do assignments on health and safely by itself, working in beauty related industries, promote products and services to clients in a salon and salon reception duties.
You have theory lessons were you get input and the chance to do your assignments (my assignments had to be done on word, not hand written). PSD sessions which stands for personal social development, this seems a bit pointless but we had to do it anyway. Practical sessions which is were you are in the salon learning the treatments.
You learn all about the contra-indications to treatments and if you don't know what that is, a contra-indication is a kind of infection you may have on your skin, or if you take a certain medication and things like cancer, diabetes and other things like that. A contra-indication is something that might restrict or prevent a treatment.
You also learn all about the bones and muscles in the arm and leg.
You learn about the layers of the skin, the hair regrowth cycle.
You learn all about the nails, so about what everything is called and how it works.

You really need a C grade in both maths and English to do this course, but if you don't, don't panic as i would of thought that every college offers functional skills, this is were you can get your C grade in both maths and English which i think is a really good thing to offer.

For this course you have to buy a uniform to wear in the salon, its a tunic and a pair of smart black "work" trousers (depending on the colour of your uniform) My college is strict with uniform, you are not allowed to wear tight fitting trousers, you can only wear black dolly shoes, but i can get away with black vans and if you wear dolly shoes you have to wear socks

When you join the course you will asked to purchase a manicure/pedicure kit and a makeup kit to use in the lessons. The makeup kit i got was c**p so i wouldn't get to excited if you are mad on makeup like me. but the manicure kit is really good. I have actually done a post on my kits and uniform Click here to see.

As you are working in a salon there are some rules which most girls aren't normally happy about, you have to wear your hair up in the salon, you are not allowed to wear nail polish and you are not allowed your phones in the salon.

Along with the course you also get the  chance to do work experience which is great.

This is a full time course but i was only in for two days a week Tuesday 10.00-8.30 and Thursday 10.00-4.30. You will always have to do one late night, they do this so you get used to being on your feet all day like you would be in a real salon.

And the last thing, you get a certificate at the end which is lovely, to show all your hard work.

Your grades are marked pass, merit and distinction.

Thank you so much for reading and i hoped you found it helpful,read my post on beauty therapy level 3 Click Here


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