Friday, 3 May 2013

Morning Skin Care Routine (updated)

Hello everyone, today's post is going to be my updated morning skin care routine. The last skin care routine i did was nine months ago so i thought it was about time i did an updated one. If you are interested here is my old morning skin care routine post.
I will also be doing a updated evening skin care routine so look out for that (should be up on Monday)

Skinetica spot treatment
I have used this for a while to see if it would improve my skin, but i don't actually think it has made a difference. I will keep using it though because i don't want to waste the product, and i like to think that it may actually be doing something to my skin.
Clean & clear dual action moisturiser
This product is amazing, its so good at drying up spots and helping them to go away. I have recently broken out with loads of spots so i have been mixing this with my Nivea moisturiser (which i will talk about in a sec).
I feel like if i mix them together i will get the results of both of the moisturisers, but im not sure if its actually working, i don't know if they are just both counteracting each other out. If you have oily spot prone skin then i  really recommend this, as it is very good. I also use this in another way which i will tell you about in my night time routine.
Clean & clear exfoliating daily wash 
I use this as soon as i wake up in the morning to clean my skin. The beads in it are very fine so it dosent aggravate your skin, which is what makes it a daily wash. This cleans my skin very well and helps keep my spots a bay, I haven't had it very long and i already really like it.
Nivea rich moisurising day cream
This cream is really lovely it actually saved my skin this winter. Its so thick and creamy, its great for dry skin. If you haven't tried it you really have to, they even do a version for oily skin and im sure it will also be very good.
Clean & clear deep cleansing lotion 
As you can probably tell i really like the brand clean & clear their products are so good for spot prone skin.
This product is also very good, i use this after i have washed my face just to get any extra dirt of and also to close my pores after washing, as this also works as a toner. The product its self is very good and i feel like it has really helped my skin to clear up. The only thing is the scent, its horrible it smells so bad of chemicals and its so strong. You to have be so careful when using it, if you get it anywhere near your eyes it will sting like mad, you have to be careful not to breath it in to much as well. Even though i have probably just put you right off this product, i must say that it is very good for clearing up your skin.

What is your favorite skin care product ??


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