Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My Favorite Lip Balms

Hello everyone, today's post is going to be all about lip balms. Everyone loves lip balms so today im going to be showing you my favorites. I have tried my fair share of lip balms and these are my picks.

Vaseline Aloe Vera
This lip balm is one of my favorite and has been for a very long time. Even though it dosent really moisturise my lips its just really nice to put on when my lips need a little bit of something. This is great to put on underneath lipsticks. Aloe Vera is my favorite scent because i think it smells really lovely, the original one is a bit boring, so i don't really use that one, but i do also really like the cocoa one, its smells amazing !!
Because this has petroleum jelly in it, it can be a very versatile product, you can put it on any dry skin and even on you eye lash's to help make them grow.

Nivea lip butter Raspberry Rose 
This lip balm is so lovely, it smells amazing just like raspberry yogurts. Its so very moisturising and lovely to use on the lips, it dose leave you lips looking a little white but that's fine by me. Again its lovely under lipsticks and this one really dose moisturise your lips. I really do love using this balm and really want to pick up some other scents.

Carmex strawberry in a tube
This is definitely one of my favorite lip balms, i use it every single day when i am doing my makeup, so my lips are nice and conditioned before i put my lipstick on. It moisturise my lips so well and it smells soooo good just like strawberry laces, if you haven't tried this scent you HAVE to !!

Carmex original in a pot
Carmax again what ?!?! Yes, well this is very different to the one in the tube, the formal of the lip balm is a little different its a bit more thicker, its great to put on your lips when they are feeling very dry and its a great night time lip balm to put on before you do to sleep. The first time you use carmex it dose tingle a bit but after you have used it for a while it dosent happen again, so don't let the tingeling put you off because carmex really is a brilliant lip balm.

Whats your favorite lip balm ??



  1. Carmex is also my favioute lip balm by far, can't go anywhere without it!

  2. I'm in love with the Nivea one in Carmel Cream, I may need the Rasberry one in my life also! xxx

    1. Oh yh i smelt that one and i dont really like it, but yh the raspberry one is lovely x

  3. I've recently bought Carmex (in a tube) as well and gotta say I love it! It has a lovely taste!

  4. Want to try that Nivea one! I love vaseline as a staple!

  5. I love strawberry and raspberry lip balms!:D

  6. I absolutely ADORE the Nivea Lip Butters they smell good enough to eat!

    Hannah x