Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What i Got For my Birthday

Hello everyone, today post i will be sharing with you the presents i got for my birthday. I will just be showing you the beauty and fashion things as i thought that is what you would be most interested in. My birthday was on the 17th may and i was 17, just encase if you were wondering.

Urban decay naked 2 pallet.
You don't understand how much i have wanted this pallet, everyone goes on about how good it is and can conform that it is very much so. The colours are very neutral and great for everyday i would have liked a few more darker colours but other than that this pallet is beautiful. I also really like the brush that comes with it, not to keen on the lip gloss though. I absolutely love this pallet and thank you soo much mom :)

MAC eye shadow in woodwinked
I have wanted to try a MAC eye shadow for the longest time, so i thought i would put this on my birthday list, as people say it looks great with blue eyes. Its a lovely browny shimmery colour that's very pigmented, soft and velvety. I have used this ounce and it looked great. My beautiful little cousin got this for me, thanks Jess.

LUSH 9 to 5 cleansing lotion
I wanted to try this because Codie from Codie Louise was talking about it in her April favorites video, so i decided to put it on my birthday list. I have used it ounce or twice and it works really well, it smells horrible but other than that it is a great cleanser.

Revlon nearly naked foundation in ivory
I have wanted to try this as lots of people are raving about it, i thought it would be great for those good skin days, i used it on my birthday and it is very light in coverage so it doesn't really cover much, i need to use this a few more times before i decided if i like it of not.

LUSH Eau Roma water toner water 
If you saw my latest empties post then you will have seen that i finished a bottle of this, so i asked my mom to get me one for my birthday and she did, she got me the big bottle which was really nice of her. I love this toner and i don't think i will be trying another one for a while

Tangle Teezer original in bubblegum pink
I have wanted to try this for a while as lots of people say its so good, so i put it on my list and my lovely big brother brought it for me. I have been using this everyday and its great its very gentle on my hair and it makes my hair feel very soft.

Hollister body spray in solana beach
My cousin had this at her house and it smelt amazing so i decided to put it on my list. Lets just say i am obsessed with this body spray its bloody amazing, Its very fruity and fresh its a great summer scent, it kind of smells like strawberry's. I love this body spray.

Yankee candle mango peach salsa, 3x tarts, large candle, sample.
This is my favorite candle ever it smells so amazing, i am not very good at describing scents so this is what it says on the website; Sweet and zesty … juicy mangoes and peaches livened with citrus, ginger flowers and pink pepper. I you haven't smelt this candle you have to.

River island love crop top
I went into Birmingham with my mom the other week and i choose some clothes for my birthday and this is what i chose. I saw this top on Gracie from uglyfceofbeauty Youtube channel and i loved it, so when i saw it in store i was like 'i need this !!' they only had one left and it was in my size, it was fait. I wore this the other day, its very soft and comfy to wear all day.

River island Stripy shirt.
I saw this and i thought it was lovely so i decided to try it on and it looked even better. I love how the stripes are all different, it adds a bit of interest to the top. Its kind of sheer so i have to wear a top underneath.
I also got the river island molly jeggings in black, i didn't take a picture of these because i sure you all know what black trousers look like, they are mid rise and they fit me really well, my mom almost brought me another pair but they didn't have my size. I also got this white top with birds on it from river island i thought it was lovely and it looks really nice with the jeggings. I didn't take a picture of this because it was in the wash (sorry).

Topshop black studded bag
I really wanted a new bag and as soon as i saw this i new i needed it, it is the perfect size and lets just say i love this bag. Its great quality and goes well with every outfit. It has these lovely gold studs on the one side, which i really like and i think that is what drew to the bag.

New look purse
I really wanted a new purse because my other one was getting really old. This one is lovely, the only thing is that there isn't enough card places which i very annoying. Its a really lovely pale pink nude colour with cold studs on the front.

I also got some money for my birthday and this is what i brought with some of it the day after my birthday.
Maybelline gel eyeliner in 01 intense black £7.99 (buy one get one half price offer)
This is my favorite eyeliner and my other was starting to dry up so as i had the money i decided to pick it up. Its very black and lasts on my water line for a long time as long as i set it with black eye shadow.

Maybelline the falsies flared mascara £7.99 (but one get half price offer)
People always say how much they love this mascara so i decided to pick it up, there was like three versions of this, i had no idea which one to get, so in the end i decided to get this one as the brush looked the biggest, but im actually not to keen on the brush its really big and the bristles are really far apart, but i will make it work.

MUA nail polish in Frozen Yogurt superdrug £1
I really like the new nail polish's by MUA i think they are really nice, i already have two but as they are only £1 i really wanted to get a few more. I have seen a lot of people mention this and another light green colour in blog posts and i really wanted them both, but they only had this one. Its a lovely purple colour with a hint of blue to it.



  1. Happy Belated birthday!:) You got lovely presents!:) xxx

  2. The Naked 2 palette... very jealous! happy birthday x

  3. Oh happy belated birthday love all your goodies!

  4. Happy belated birthday! MAC woodwinked looks gorgeous and love to stripey shirt :D xx

  5. Amazing gifts! Happy belated birthday! x

  6. Hope you had a lovely birthday! Mango salsa candle, oh my word! I can just imagine how gorgeous and fruity that smells mmm :)
    I have naked too & love it! I still havent used the lipgloss from it though...
    & woodwinked has been on my wish list since forever :) you'll have to do a full review on it xx

    1. I did thank u, yes the candle is amazing x

  7. Happy Belated birthday! You got amazing presents!! :)
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

  8. So lucky! really trying to save for the naked pallet and happy belated birthday!

    Gemma x

  9. Happy belated birthday! U were so lucky with what you got! Really jealous xxxxxxxx
    Laura xxxxx

  10. The Naked 2 palette is my favourite - I use mine every day! Hope you had a lovely birthday x

  11. looks like you had a fab bday! i love the naked 2 palatte xxx