Saturday, 25 May 2013

My Favorite Pastel nail polish's

Hello everyone today's post is going to be all about my favorite pastel nail polishes.

Collection hot looks nail polish in Button Moon
I absolutely love blue nail polish, it looks great on my skin tone. These collection nail polish's are lovely the formula is great, the brush is really nice and big and its so pigmented, it only needs two coats to get a perfect opaque look on the nails. Its a lovely pale pastel blue colour which has no shimmer in it. This is a great colour  for summer and i love wearing it.

MUA nail polish in Natural Days
Pink is another really lovely colour i love wearing on my nails, i own so many different shades of pink it is ridiculous, but one shade of pink i have never owned is a pastel pink which is stupid as i love pastel colours. So the other day i thought it was about time i brought one, so i decided to get this one from MUA as they are getting a lot of  hype recently. I put it on my nails almost as soon as i brought it home, it is a little sheer so it needs three to four coats to make it opaque, which im not that bothered about. Its a lovely pastel pink shade that has no shimmer in it and its perfect for summer.

Nails inc for instyle nail polish (no name)
The swatch is actually coming about a bit darker than it is, the colour in the bottle is the exact colour of it.
I love this shade sooo much every time i wear it everyone complements me on it. Its a lovely periwinkle shade which has no shimmer, its very pigmented you only really need one coat of this to get an opaque look, but i like to apply two just to make sure it stays on my nails for longer.

Models own polish in Lilac Dream
This one is also coming out darker in the swatch. This is one of my favorite polish's ever, the colour is so beautiful and its so pigmented it only needs two coats to make it opaque. Its a lovely pastel lilac colour that has no shimmer in it, it looks great on the nails and its perfect for summer.

Collection hot looks nail polish in Fruit Loop
Guess what, this one  is also coming out darker in the swatch, stupid camera. Anyway this is a beautiful pastel peach colour that again has no shimmer in it, as i said before these collection nails polish's are great, the brush is the perfect size and there so pigmented, this colour is great because it makes you look really tanned.

So these are my favorite pastel nail polishes, what are yours ??



  1. Really love the look of the Collection 2000 nail varnish! Eep! x

  2. The 'Button Moon' colour looks lovely! xo

  3. Pastels are so pretty!

  4. I love the mint colored one/button moon. It's weird cause so many people call that shade blue but I associate it as green for some reason lol >.< Pastel green/blue and purples are my favorite pastel shades. Peaches are also pretty imo ^^

  5. the mua colour looks so pretty and I love the new packaging! followed your blog after you sent me the link, would you mind checking mine out?:) xx

    1. Yes it is lovely and thank u so much x

  6. Those colours are lovely! I like every one of them :)