Friday, 10 May 2013

Beauty Haul

Hello everyone, so today i have another haul for you, these are just a few bits i have picked up over the last few weeks.

Clean & clear exfoliating daily wash, superdrug £1.99 (on offer)
If you have seen my morning skin care routine you would have seen this already. This a great exfoliater for daily use, it is very gentle on this skin and cleans it well. I brought this because i broke out in a load of spots and this really helped to clear them up.
Naked skin looking good soothing eye gel poundland £1
I brought this partly because i had wanted to try an eye cream for ages, as i have never used one before and partly because i now that this brand it meant to be quite good, but this first time i used it, i used way to much and it really stung my eyes, so for a few days i was really hesitant to using it, but i did use it again but this time i used a lot less product and it was alright but still stung my eye a little bit, i don't now if i really going to start using this properly as i really don't like that it stings my eyes !!
Clean & clear deep cleaning lotion, superdrug £1.99 (on offer)
As my skin was really bad, i wanted a liquid cleanser that i could use in the morning, to make sure my skin was as clean as it could be, and also to treat my skin. The product is self is very good, the only thing is the scent it smells so strong of chemicals. I also mentioned this is my morning skin care routine.

Batiste dry shampoo fresh, body care £1.49
Body care sells batiste so cheap so if you like this product but not the price, go to body care. Now im sure you all now what this is so im not going to say much.
Schwarzkopf got2b 2 sexy big volume hairspray, body care (around £2)
I have used this hairspray before and when i saw it in body care for really cheap i new i had to get it. This product smells absolutely amazing, it smells like cherry aid its honestly to die for. I haven't used this yet and i cant remember if its any good or not, but im sure it is.
TRESemme platinum strength deep conditioning treatment, Sainsburys (around £2 on offer) 
I have seen lots of people talk about this range and i really wanted to try this so i picked it up while it was on offer. I have only used it once so i cant give you my full opinion, but it is very lovely and i made my hair feel really soft.

MUA nail polish, superdrug £1
I saw these out the corner of my eye and i was literally drawn to them. Lots of people have been blogging about these so i really wanted to pick a few up. The old packaging was horrible so i am so glad they have changed them, they look very much like Essie nail polish's but i don't know it they are as good as i have never used Essie before, i think they are way to expensive just for a nail polish. I got the colours Moody Mink and Natural Days, Moody Mink is a gray, purple kind of colour i have wanted this shade of nail polish for ages so i am very glad i picked it up, the other colour Natural Days this is a very light baby pink i don't actually own a pink this colour so i had to pick it up as it was only £1. I really want to get a few more colours that i have seen some people blog about as they look lovely. If you want to see a whole post on these with swatches then let me know :)

What have you brought recently ??



  1. Love dry shampoo - I am only a recent convert!

    Now following you on GFC and would be great to get a follow back, if you would like to follow each other? :)

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    1. Thank u and sure i Will take a look x

  2. I've just bought the clean and clear wash, it's gorgeous, and I love the MUA polishes they're such a bargain! :D

    1. Yh it is lovely and they r such a great bargain x

  3. I love the MUA polishes

    Brilliant haul post