Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What i brought at the Beauty UK event in Birmingham

Hello everyone. So the other day i went to the beauty UK event at the NEC in Birmingham with my collage. Its an event that sells professional beauty products, things that you would find in a hairdressers or a beauty salon, they had a few well known brands like Dermalogica, NYX, china glaze and loads more.
I had some money for my birthday so i toke that with me and lets just say i don't have a penny of it left.

I went on the events website before i went so i could see what brands they would have, and when i saw that NYX was going to be there i was so excited, because people always go on about how good the brand is.
I got the the runway collection eye shadow pallet in caviar and bubbles i got this for £7.50 instead of £10, so it wasn't that much of a discount but i don't mind as i have wanted this pallet for ages, the colours are very lovely and all of them are very pigmented. I also got a jumbo eye pencil in yogurt, there was loads of diffident colours of these so it toke me a while to choose one that i wanted, in the end i choose yogurt because i thought it was lovely, its a pinky orangey colour that's very shimmery, i have used this ounce and it is very creamy and goes on to the lid very smoothly. i got his for £3.50 instead of £4.50.

I was just wondering around and i came across the brand Stargazer, which i had heard of before, they had some lovely eye shadows which i almost brought but i told myself no, as i had loads of new eye shadows for my birthday. So instead i had a look at the lipsticks, there was a lot of lovely colours, it toke me a while to decided which ones to get, so after about ten minutes and a hand full of swatches me and my friend decided on these two colours. 207 which is the lighter one (on the top) and 136 which is the darker colour (on the bottom) they look almost the same in the tube but ounce they are swathed they look totally different. 207 is a light bubble gum pink colour which is matte, its looking a little darker in the swatch picture and 136 is a fuchsia pink colour which has a nice shine to it. They were either £3 each or two for £5 so of course i got two.

My friend was buying some things from the Helen E counter so of course i had to pick some things up too. They were doing an offer 4 for £10 but i didn't want 4 things, so the lovely lady let me have the two things i wanted for £5 which is a bargain, because full price together these should have cost £17. So i got the powder blusher in bubble gum, it looks like a bubble gum pink colour in the pan but ounce it is swached  its more of a peachy pink colour. Its very pigmented so you have to have a very light hand when using this product, i did underestimate this the first time i used it and put way to much on the brush and i ended up looking like a clown, thank god for blending. Originally this should have been £7. I also got a lipgloss in strawberry soda, its a lovely peachy pinky colour with gold shimmer it actually reminds me of the NARS orgasm lipgloss. Its very pigmented and not sticky at all, this originally should have cost £10. And a good thing about Helen E is that none of there products are tested on animals.

I have needed a new pair of eyelash curlers for ages so when i saw these at the show for £1.99 i had to get them, i have used them a few times and they are very stiff so they are going to take a while to get used to. A brand that was there when we first walked in was called Amargan which is a hair brand, the man put a bit of there hair oil in my hair and it was lovely my hair felt so soft, so i decided to buy this set for £5, in there is a advanced styler oil which you put in your hair before blow drying,  i have used it ounce and it worked pretty well my hair was a lot straighter in the morning then it normally is, there is also just a normal hair oil which i s lovely and a hair cleanser which i suppose is meant to be like a clarifying shampoo ??
I also got this pro impressions divine after care cleaning lotion lets just say i miss read this i thought it was a after wax lotion but its not its just a cleansing lotion, but that's okay it was only £1, i haven't used it as i don't like the smell.
I also got some brushes from royal and landnickel but i couldn't figure out how to picture them. I got a tiny angled eyeliner brush which i have been using and i really liked it this only cost £2. I also got a bigger fluffy angled brush which is great for putting colour in the crease and outer corner, that also cost me £2.



  1. I attended too! Nice haul! Nyx was also the main reason I attended but I ended up picking up mostly nail art things and picking up one nyx blush.

    1. I didn't c any nail art stuff :( and i really wanted a blush but i didn't have any money left :(x

  2. The lipsticks look like amazing shades, I love the matte one! Great haul :)

    Jess xo

    1. Yh they r lovely and thank u x